Sunday, August 28, 2016

Open Letter to Rap Station Owners, DeeJays, and Program Directors

Dear: Urban-Rap/ Hip-Hop Dee-Jays, Program Directors, Rap Radio Station Owners, and Radio Stations with a Rap/ Hip Hop format/playlist.

This letter is concerning the very comfortable use of the racial slur, Nigger.


I have listened to particular rap songs that are in constant rotation at your radio station (s) for a while now and I would like to make a rap music request if I may. Your current rap music rotation has become very stale over the years. Since we are now living in the days where “equality for all,”  “multiculturalism,” “Homophobia” and so-called “Trans-Phobia” have been placed at the top of everyone’s political, sexual, and racial agenda, I think my request should be a simple one to take into consideration. I am always hearing rap songs that contain violence aimed at African-Americans and racial slurs like Nigger/Nigga being spewed all over your airwaves morning, noon, and night in the city where I currently reside and quite possibly in all cities where rap music in played on radio. My song request is simple. My song request is all about equality and/or equal treatment for all racial and ethnic groups in this country.

Would you mind playing rap songs and RnB songs that contain guest appearances by rappers that violently attack Whites, Jewish-Whites, Hispanics/Latinos, Native Americans, Asians, Italians, and Homosexuals? I am kind of burned out on Nigger this and Nigga that. I would love to hear something new like, “Faggot this or Faggot that. How about “Kyke this or Kyke that? Maybe a song or two that promotes selling drugs and/or shooting and robbing people of other races and ethnicities. How about playing a song that spews other hateful and racist words like, Spik, Wet-Back, Chink, Slant-eye, Gook, Cracker, DEGO, Towel Head, Sand Nigger, and W.O.Ps for a change?

I am pretty sure that you have songs like this lying around somewhere at the radio station. You just have to because it would be the “equal and fair” thing to do, right? Maybe the first place in the station where you can look is under the pile of music CDs with a note attached to them that reads, “Songs that should never be played for fear of offending and degrading any racial and ethnic group that’s not African-American.” I just know that you and/or your rap station are not about being biased in your playlist. I just know that you and/or your rap station (s) are incapable of promoting inequality on any level.

I guess what I am trying to say is that I would like to hear more diversity in your playlist. I would like to hear more of a variety of racial/ethnic attacks being played at the rap radio station. You seem to be very comfortable with playing songs or at least allowing rap songs to be played at the station that contain lyrics that violently attack Black people and refer to them by racial slurs. You also appear to be very open to playing rap songs that use derogatory and demeaning adjectives to describe the female gender within that particular race that happens to be of color. Whenever, I have pointed out the use of the word Nigger/Nigga in the songs in the past, the overwhelming response has been, “Hey, it’s just music. It’s entertainment. It’s what the people want to hear.” Well, if what you are saying is true, I am of the people and I want my music request played on the air.

I will be listening for my song request.
Rico Rivers

Rico Rivers
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Saturday, February 13, 2016

This video disturbed me

""I ought to kill yo fuckin ass!"
"I ought to kill this nigger!"
- Memphis Police Overseer

I have a serious question.

Has anyone ever heard police use this racist, threatening hateful language towards, white, Asian, or white/Jew-ish, people that they have arrested?

Now, he's sitting on the ground. Tired. Exhausted from running. Hands up high in a surrendering position. The young black male is still hit with great force with the police baton by the angry, equally tired, out of shape, frustrated cowardly Memphis Police Officer.

Yeah. He ran. So what? White men, white women run, white teenagers fight, yell, cuss and even spit at police. They don't get beaten and dehumanized. They simply get arrested.

As they placed him in the car, the one white cop kicks the subdued, handcuffed, and non-threatening young male into the backseat of the police squad care with his foot.

Many of you who are black can look at this video, with the audio included and still justify this crap all you want. It is quite possible that police brutality and police lawlessness can come knocking at your door. If you think just because you believe that you are so law abiding that this treatment will bypass you, think again. If you have not looked today, go and look in the mirror. Your ass is black. The cops have been given orders to attack black people. It’s the same orders from 100 years ago. The cops are attacking so called thugs and non-thugs alike.

Many of you in the black community in Memphis need to take some of the responsibility for the crime that's happening in your city in these black neighborhoods. It is quite obvious that many of you have forgotten that these “black criminals” came from you. Your semen. Your womb. Black mommas and black daddies. Now, you want to just hand them over to the system for slaughter since you obviously failed them as parents. To hell with you! These cops are not doing you a favor. Get off your asses and deal with the mess you created. In case you hadn’t heard, your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is not going to come back to get you and just leave the children you did not raise properly here on earth. So, you may as well go back to the community you left or simply step out of the house and get your children. Believe me. There is no heaven for cowards and loser parents.

To the punk ass cops in Memphis who want to act like savages on the job, you might want to keep in mind the Shannon Street massacre that occurred many years ago. You might want to remember the name Lindberg Sanders? You might want to google the Shannon Street Massacre.…/officer-killed-memphis-police-slay…

Lindberg Sanders got fed up with Police brutality and took it to another level. In case you have not noticed, Memphis is not Chicago nor is it a Ferguson. You just may find yourselves regretting this current savage behavior in seemingly only black and poor neighborhoods. So, stop with the vigilante and hooligan behavior and just do your jobs correctly and by the book. Stop with the racist and anti-black male propaganda. Stop behaving like animals. Be professional. Be human. Be the men and women who swore to protect and serve the public as you made it out of the police academy. Stop with this us vs. them mentality. Stop with the gang mentality. If a person is actually threatening your life, do what you have to do. However, beating and kicking a man when he is down because he forced your lazy, dozens of donuts eating, fat asses to run is totally out of line. Running does not put your life in danger. Your fat bellies do. Finally, hey black cops, I hope every cop on the force has seen a picture of your Black children. If not, they too are in threat of being dogged out by your fellow officers in blue."> href="">Full Video Of Memphis ArrestThe full video of the arrest by Memphis Police officers that has people wondering if too much force was used.
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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day! 2014

Happy Father’s Day! 2014

The annual father’s day wishes are being shared by all those who choose to recognize the men in the world who have been fathers in the lives of their children. I want to send out a special Happy Father’s Day to my, brother, Eric Rivers. You know. I have watched him for the past 18 and a half years not just be a father, but a PRESENT father in his children’s lives and “By Any Means Necessary.” So, should I decide to ever become someone’s biological father, I will have a pretty good source of examples to pull from whenever I may need it. I wish that a lot of men could follow his example of “saying there” even when it gets tough. “Staying there” even when you may feel that you can’t do it anymore for whatever reason. My brother understood that when he decided to participate in the impregnation of his then girlfriend and now wife of many years, THAT HE WAS GOING TO BE THERE.


In the last couple of days, I have been checking out the various stories on Facebook that have been attempting to minimize the importance of fathers in this country, most specifically Black fathers. There is a Mahogany greetings card created and being distributed by Hallmark that is floating round on the internet that says, “For You Mom. Happy Father’s Day.” I guess this is an effort to reach out to the single mothers. Hmm, I thought this is why we have Mother’s Day. Mahogany Cards is the African American division of the Hallmark Cards company. This means that Hallmark has gotten in on the practice of celebrating illness of black single motherhood and the same time making a profit from this purposefully designed system of destroying the black family. Please, let me know if you were in WalMart, Walgreens, or Kroger today buying a Father’s Day card and you noticed a greetings card that was not a Mahogany card dedicated to single white, Asian, or Hispanic women.


The saddest part about this whole thing is that a lot of Black single mothers today who were never MARRIED to anybody when they got pregnant and gave birth to any child they have, have the audacity to believe that they are special. They actually agree with Mahogany dedicating Father’s Day cards to them on a day that was not designed for them. Father’s Day is for men who have children. Father’s Day is gender specific, just like Mother’s Day. When was the last time you heard of any man of any race tout themselves as being father and mother to their children? However, I am happy to share that a lot of sane women have been putting these insane, ego driven, attention starved women in their proper place in regards to this issue.


Is it me? Or does Father’s Day seem to not possess the same fanfare as Mother’s Day? I have noticed this trend (agenda) in America. Fathers are very needed in the households to add emotional and mental balance in children. If the man is not in the household, he still needs to be in the child’s life if he is a man who is trying to be in the child’s life. I never had a father in my house growing up, or in my life. However, I was fortunate enough to see images of father figures growing up. Even if Father’s Day does become a day that is celebrated by society, it will not take away from the importance of having a father in the child’s life. Divorced ladies, I get it. Many of you have been rearing children alone after the divorce because the husband decided that since you and he are divorced, he and the children are divorced and he moves on without all of you. I think that’s horrible. I will never understand how any man could leave their child because he and the mother (wife) are done with the marriage or relationship. It is almost non-human in nature.



Finally, I know that there are a lot of good black men who are in the lives of their children. Recent statistics point to this fact. As a matter of fact, these same statistics point to the reality that black men are more active in the lives of their children than men of other race and ethnicities.    I am happy that I am a person who has never been one who could be herded like sheep when it comes to the lies and stereotypes that other people place on the backs of black men. However, I am not saying that I am not aware of the large number of men who volunteer to leave after he has laid his seed in the female he just had sex with that night. This behavior is cause for another blog post. However, tonight I want to focus on the wonderful and greatness of fathers and the much deserved day called Father’s Day. I want to wish a Happy Father’s Day to step-fathers and the men who are positive role models to children who don’t have their biological in their lives for whatever reason (s). Let me be clear. The fathers that I know, my brother included, don’t need an annual day to validate them. Their validation comes daily when their children, through rain, sleet, and snow can get up every day to get a hug, a smile, discipline, and a sense of identity from his presence and stand witness to his essence.

Happy Father’s Day!

Sunday, June 08, 2014

Reparations Now!!!

Ah yes.

Reparations for over 300 years of chattel slavery, plus 100 more years of Jim Crow laws. Legalized segregation. Taxation with no representation. Its amazing how so many African Americans today shy away from this subject. I mean. Literally become angry, beligerent, condescending, and sometimes flat out hateful towards a black person who brings it up. I think its just plain ole fear. Fear of buckin the white man's system. I this its fear of success. I think its fear of our own unity. I think African Americans are more afraid of our unifying behind a legitimate cause than white society. This fear came from the psycological conditioning of slavery and JIM CROW. Funny. Homosexuals can unify over some bullshyt called gay rights and were successful making so-called gay rights an actual issue in this country. Furthermore, these people forced this very same government to legally recognize this crap. The Hispanics unified and brought this same government to its knees over the rights of immigrants and forced this government to lay off the immigration reform conversation unless it was in their favor. However, African Americans deserving REPARATIONS for the kidnapping and enslavement of an entire race of people because their skin is black by this government and its European allies is a conversation and a possible struggle NOBODY wants to get involved in. This government and this society will never take Blacks seriously until WE become serious about us.

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Judge Joe Brown Rocks !!!

The people of Memphis and Shelby County need to get up off their asses and stand up for once. Show some pride. Show some self-respect. Support this MAN who wants to help. He does not have to. He wants to. Judge Joe speaks the damn truth in this video. He shares some history of years of illegal behavior and/or unlawful behavior in the Juvenile Court System. It’s a damn shame that this man has to return to Memphis to show Black Memphis how to legally stand up for themselves. Also, Judge Joe Brown left Memphis in 1999 to do the highly successful and long running "Judge Joe Brown Show."  Did you all know that since Judge Joe left Memphis in 1999, Memphis has had many black male and black female Judges and attorneys in that city in the courts at 201 Poplar as well as in Juvenile Court? Sadly, over the past 15 years NONE of these frightened Negroes EVER stood up to the white supremacist legal system in Memphis that has dogged out black Memphians at alarming rates since Judge Joe left. NONE of the Black attorneys and judges ever stood up publicly or legally for the rights citizens of Memphis pro bono the way Judge Joe Brown did. Why? I will tell you why. Number one. They are only out for themselves. Number two. They are afraid of going through what Judge Joe Brown went through for only four hours. Next, they obvious learned early in their law careers in Memphis about how to join the crooked system and get some crumbs for themselves instead of working together to change the crooked system and gain a whole slice. What's more interesting about all of this is these same black legal minds in Memphis more than likely had their lame asses at the white corporate owned and controlled MLK Civil Rights Museum in downtown Memphis for the commemoration of Dr. King's murder. Anyway, I can go and on about what contributes to the city of Memphis's daily demise. However, the people of Memphis can decide this one without the cowardly black attorneys and judges in my hometown. Judge Joe Brown is running for a very important office in the legal system there in Shelby County, which is Shelby County District Attorney. An office that has been known by ALL who live in the city of Memphis and in the county of Shelby as biased in its treatment of citizens of color, particularly black men and black boys. Who knows? Judge Joe’s presence in the Memphis just may be the light that inspires the many lazy ‘do nothing ass” black politicians, black legal minds, black preachers, and many of the black citizens of Memphis to finally “grow a pair” and become MEN and WOMEN in that city that will finally start to move Memphis in the right direction and equal justice for all will actually become a reality in my beloved hometown. Don’t let this moment pass you by, Memphis!


Sunday, January 05, 2014

2014: The year to take back BLACK!!

2013 is over and a new year is upon us. Look. Let me straight to the point. Last year, we stood in silence as white men were named favorite RnB and favorite Hip Hop males at awards shows. Wait, The Grammys will be coming up later this month so more of them will be given awards that usually go to Black artists. Black artists, the reason your awards were and are being given to white folks is because most of you have chosen to sing and rap about bullshit. You don’t put the work into your artistry like brothaz and sistas did before you back in the day. There are not too many RnB singing blacks today who work as hard as Gladys Knight and Marvin Gaye did back in their day. The only relief seems to come from the neo soul artists like Jill Scott, Chrisette Michelle, Ledisi, Eric Benet and Maxwell. The RnB singers haven’t done jack! Wait, I can’t forget my man, Avant. In 2014, you all need to step your game up. Rappers stop using Nigger in your lyrics. Rap more about what’s going on politically and racially in your community. This is what the new white rappers talk about, hence, why they were given all of the hip hop awards for favorite hip hop artists in 2013. The white rappers never use the word Nigger in their raps and they out rapped all of you last year.  Blacks rappers, return to hip hop and regain your thrown as the originators of hip hop and real MC-ing!

Next, black females need to reclaim their femininity in 2014. All of this hardness is not attractive. Enough with the mean faces in public. Enough with the foul mouth language. Enough with the weaves. Enough with the hair hats. Enough with the damn tattoos! Enough with the booty implants. Enough with the thickness, fat-ness and obesity. LOSE WEIGHT God-dammit! I don’t want to hear that crap about how you are fine and ok with your BIG self. That’s a damn lie! Start dieting and exercising not now, but RIGHT NOW! Enough with having all of these damn children with no husband! You were created by God as the very first image of womanhood and beauty for the world to idolize. Now, most black females today look, talk, and act like husky, thuggish men in drag! It’s time for a major organic make over ladies. Enough with the supporting of reality shows where Black women are acting a damn fool. Enough! It time for the Black woman return to her thrown as the actual queen of the university. You can’t do this until you; yourself recognize that there is a problem. Finally, return to reading the cultural books again like sistaz used to do in large numbers back in the 1990s when the poetry scene was hot.

Finally, Men, it’s time to take back black! Men, (myself included) we need to stop the lying, the cheating, and sleeping with whores and tramps if your goal is to actually connect with a sista who is serious about being in a relation with you. Pull your pants up DAMMIT! Stop sticking your penis inside a female without a condom and then turn around and bitch and cry about the child support system kicking your ass. Even though she may have given you permission to hit it raw, if she is not your wife, DON’T do it dumbass! I always speak up for Black men, but when many of us are doing stupid things and acting like hooligans, it makes it hard for me to stand up for the humanity and existence of Black men. The black man in his original state is the standard for masculinity and manhood. Hence, why these white boys like Justin Beiber and Justin Timberlake try to copy our look, our sound, and most certainly our African swag! Of course, often imitated but never duplicated.
In order for the Black community to take back our Blackness, we have to work together. We have to start being honest with each other about our true feelings. We have to start loving on each other again. We have to apologize to each and make amends for any ugly behavior we have shown towards each other and start fresh in this New Year. I want to propose that everyone who reads this article begin having conversational “get togethers” with black men and black women in the city where you live. I mean really get together complete with food, drink, light music in a warm and safe environment where a conversation about what we can do to take back our blackness in 2014. Don’t be afraid to tell the truth in these conversations. We are talking out of love and concern. If anyone in the city of Memphis and in Dallas/Fort Worth area would like to into invite me to one of these get together conversations just me know. I would love to participate. I am approaching 2014 with high hopes and high energy. While everyone is hosting conversations, I will be working through my newly formed non-profit organization, A Call For Healing, INC. to do more by way of mental health as it relates to our young men and women. So, WE ALL have our assignments. Ok. Together on the count of three….1,2,3 TAKE BACK BLACK!



Sunday, November 24, 2013

“I watched this video and the verdict is in…The woman, the single mother of FIVE children, is dead WRONG!”

First of all, I would like to start off by saying that police shooting at a vehicle filled with a mother and underage children is completely out of order and the cop who did the shooting and claiming to be only shooting at the tires (liked that made shooting at the vehicle filled with children any better) needs his ass handed to him on a hot, flaming platter. He should be fired and charged with attempted murder. The policemen who busted out the damn windows creating further trauma in the little children need their asses kicked in an ally as well as in court. This experience has definitely taught these black children that police have no love or patience for them and anyone who looks like them. This experience, in my opinion, should have also taught the children that their mother is somewhat irresponsible, selfish, and really did not have their best interests at heart on this particular day. I am so glad that the young black man did not get beaten or even killed because of his mother’s negligence.

Ok. Many of you are wondering why I am saying this. Here it goes. As a long time counselor, therapist and even mentor to young people, I have always preached and taught prevention. I have taught young people the importance of staying away from drugs because of the negative consequences of using drugs. I have taught many in counseling groups over the years how to avoid psychotic episodes in their lives by simply taking their medications as prescribed along with exercise, relaxation, and eating healthy.  Our parents have even taught us prevention when they would say things like, “A hard head makes for a soft behind.” Or “If you don’t start nothing, it won’t be nothing.” 

The woman, Oriana Ferrell of Memphis, TN. (my hometown) was completely the cause of the entire melee’ that occurred on that day. All she had to do to prevent the cops from busting out the windows of her car, shooting at the car, and possibly getting her son 14 year old son murdered was to just give the officer her driver’s license and car insurance after being pulled over for allegedly speeding. If she did not possess either of the items he requested, all she had to do was sign the ticket and keep it moving. I think that’s how most of us would have handled the situation instead of becoming argumentative with the cop because of possibly “riding dirty” and then pulling off. What kind of sense did that make? Then, when the cop catches up to her, she still had no intentions of complying with anything the cop had asked her to do. It is because of her immature and resistant behavior that her son risked his life (in his mind) to protect his mother, when it should have been her protecting her children by handing over the damn license and insurance at the first stop and not driving off, which created in the cop’s mind, the ultimate suspicion. I am not even going to ask why the hell her son’s hair was green.

However, I will ask these questions. What in the hell is she doing with five children and no man in sight? Why do so many Black women have so many children and then want to be given a special status in society? When she mentioned in the video that she was a single mother of five children, was that her attempt to gain sympathy from the public? Where was the father or fathers of these children? Why wasn’t there another adult on this trip with them? Was she running away from an abusive relationship? What in the hell was all of that stuff tied to the roof of the van? The report stated that there were drugs found in the vehicle. Hmmm, I guess the cops have already begun to put together their justification for their criminal and thuggish behavior with the shooting and the busting out of the windows. Hmmm, maybe there was a roach in the ash tray that she had finished the night before and she forgot to dump out the ash tray before the trip. I know many of you are looking at this as a case lased with racial overtones. You are very correct in doing so. The easy part is to view this case as a racial issue because it probably is. As intelligent people who are supposed to be aware of living in America and having a clear understanding of the history of America her relationship with all people of color, but especially black people, we should not be surprised by the behavior of the cops. Cops have never liked Black people. It will never change. Still, with this historical knowledge there is a way in which one should conduct themselves whenever coming in contact with the police. So please join me in not just looking at this case as just a racial issue, but also as a case of child endangerment on the part of the mother.

The mother (although FINE as hell) was dead wrong. Her actions on that day were reckless and thoughtless. Her actions created this avalanche of danger and trauma for her children. I wish she had practiced some preventive measures on that day because now her children will need extensive counseling to help move past this experience. Her son will have a hate for the police that will not work well for him in the long run. Meaning, he may continue to grow up thinking that in order to combat the next police officer whom he feels is disrespecting him; he will need to only sharpen his boxing skills, which will not be a good idea if he values living. To combat the cops in the future whom he may feel behave the same way as the ones on the day he and his family members were stopped for allegedly speeding, I would advise this young man to first go to counseling for anger resolution therapy and trauma. Next, I would advise him go to the gym to sharpen his boxing skills and maintain good health. Finally, I would advise this young man to go to law school and become a constitutional lawyer and ultimately become a judge who presides over cases involving police brutality and other cases involving the police mistreating the people.  

I feel most sorry for the children in this case for the simple fact that children don’t ask to come here and they definitely can’t choose their parents. I wish the mother well in a possible pursuit of legal satisfaction. I hate that any of this happen. However, if it were not for the mother not utilizing common sense and acting as a MOTHER with young children in the vehicle to protect, I don’t think the situation would have gone that far. Instead of choosing to use preventive measures, Oriana Ferrell, in my opinion, chose to look out for her own interests which could have ended up with much dire consequences.