Friday, August 07, 2009

Pregnant teens deserve ABORTIONS not baby showers !!

Pregnant teens should not be given baby showers !!

In the age of hyper-sexuality among our teenage boys and girls, I think it is irresponsible for the relatives of pregnant teens to throw a baby-shower for the teen that is expecting. If you look closely, you will rarely see a man in the same house where baby showers are being thrown for these un-wed, uneducated, financially strapped pregnant teens. You guessed it. I think that this promotes teen pregnancy.

I think that today’s society has made it very comfortable for young girls to have babies without having a pot to piss in financially, educationally, etc.Personally, I think that abortions should be in order for teenagers who get pregnant these days without proper support. Meaning, this child that’s having a child will have to fall on the mercy of tax payer dollars because she made poor choices with her body. It makes no sense to me when there are so many forms of birth control out here today.

I mean, really. Birth control pills, IUDs, foams, gels, and condoms seem to be collecting dust on the shelves of Walgreens and CVS stores across the country. Hell, there are plenty of free clinics and non-profit agencies, such as Planned Parenthood that are waiting to assist our teens in the prevention of unplanned pregnancies.

Throwing an un-repaired, irresponsible, and unmarried teenager baby shower only fans the flames of irresponsibilty.

Monday, June 08, 2009

"I think single/never married women should NOT be awarded child support payments by a Judge"

I don’t believe that women who have never been married should be awarded child support by a judge in a court of law. I think it is unfair to force a man to take of a child financially through the courts. I believe only married women that are going through a divorce or a legal separation should be awarded child support payments through the court system. The court system was no where involved when the woman chose this particular man to have unprotected sex with regardless of what she thought his intentions were when they first met. If the two never said, “I do,” she should not be awarded child support by any court.

I say this because if I were to take a poll of all the women who scream for child support every minute of the day it seems, just to see who among them believes that Jesus died on a cross for their sins, I am more than sure that damn near every female polled would most likely raise her hand in the acceptance of that belief. Meaning, she is claiming to be a Christian. In the Christian belief system there is a set of Laws that is often referred to as the Ten Commandments. One of the commandments strictly forbids (fornication) or sex outside or before marriage.

Now, check this out. When one breaks a law, consequences usually follow. If I were caught speeding in a “no speeding” zone, my consequence for breaking that law is usually a ticket or jail time. I think that those who purposefully break their own Christian commandments should suffer the consequences of their actions like the rest of us. Her consequence could be that of a dead beat dad or a guy who just simply flakes out on her emotionally and financially. So, Rico, are you saying that a man does not have to financially support a child that he helped to bring into this world? My answer is no. I think that the young man has a moral and human obligation to take care of the human being that he helps to create with a woman.

However, I don’t think he should be forced to pay a dime through the courts. I think since the female chose to ignore her own religious laws, it all should fall on her if he does not want to participate in the rearing of the child or the financial support of the child. I know it sounds rough in an era where women have been having their way in the court system, but I think it is only fair. If she can’t use the same feminine wild she used to get him to sleep with her, to get him to be a father to her child, then it is tough. Maybe next time she will chose a better sperm donor.So, Rico, are you saying that the father gets off “scott free” without having any responsibility for his child? No. He will not be getting off “scott free.” The universe will deal with his lame ass. If you don’t believe me, ask Shaquille O’Neal’s biological father what happened when he attempted to re-introduce himself into Shaq’s life after he had made it big in the NBA. So, ladies, stop whining. Stop playing the victim when it is convenient for you.

I am all for a man taking care of his child. I just don’t care for a single man being forced to do something he does not “naturally” or “psychology” wants to do. Ladies, if he does not volunteer to put himself on child-support, you should stop bringing the courts into a mess you created. Just accept it as a loss and in the words of rapper, T.I., “Keep it moving!”Maybe the next time you will be more careful in choosing a man to have a baby with in this day and time. I plan to write my state law makers, congressman, and senator to plead with them begin writing legislation that will first require that a DNA test is taken on the baby immediately upon being born. No birth certificate should be signed until paternity has been established and even after paternity has been established, the man should still be given the option to whether or not he wants to sign the document. If he signs the birth certificate, this, in my opinion, should not be used as automatic leverage for a case for financial child support. By the way, the paternity test should be required for both married and un-married couples.

The only difference is the married man will automatically be held responsible for making child support payments in the event of divorce or legalized separation. The single man will not be affected by this new law. If women would take more responsibility for their bodies in these relationships, the confusion with paternity and child support would not be happening the way has been be far too long in this country. Ladies, protect your body. You are responsible for your body and not some man. So, Rico, should the men be responsible for their bodies too? Yes. However, he can’t have sex and create a baby unless a woman gives him permission to not only enter her body, but without a condom as well.