Monday, November 26, 2007

R. Kelly and Black People

The RnB Molester is Returning to Memphis and Most of Black Memphis Can’t seem to wait.
(November 18th, 2007)

RnB singer, R. Kelly, is returning to Memphis on December 9th for a concert at the FedEx Forum. For the past three years or so, I have been protesting and boycotting the singer and self proclaimed “pied piper of RnB” because of a video that came out a few years that showed him having sex with a 14 year old girl. This sick dude also pissed on the little girl as she was performing oral sex on him. I am convinced that the majority in Black America have seen the video because the of the mere fact that the video circulated in more Black households, barber shops, beauty shops, and on more computer screens than the recently bootlegged copy of the latest Denzel Washington movie, “American Gangster.” Still, after three years there seems to be reluctance in the Black community to demand that R. Kelly admit his wrong-doing and seek help for his obvious problem with having sex with under-aged girls. Why is this? Do the majority of Black people not care about what happens to little black children as a whole? Or does R. Kelly have to have sex with their 14 year old daughters individually in order for this to be an issue? Does R. Kelly have to be seen having sex and pissing on a little 14 year old white girl in a video in order to get a reaction out of us as a community? A race?

Hell, if he is found guilty in a court of law for this, he should be punished. Let’s see. There was Allyah whom he married when she was only15 years old. Next, there was the 17 year old back-up dancer that accused him of sexual harassment, which was settled out of court. Then, there is the video taped evidence of him having a “special liking” for an under-aged young girl. Let’s not forget R. Kelly’s own brother coming out with the revelation of him having sex with his own 12 year old niece. Individually, we can all choose to believe or disbelieve the brother’s accusations. However, the Allyah marriage, the back-up dancer incident, and the sex with the 14 year old girl are all documented facts that you can’t deny. Sadly, many in the Black community have chosen to turn a blind eye and deaf ear to it all because they love R. Kelly’s music (which has not been very creative or good in the past 10 years).

It has been reported that R. Kelly did not have a great childhood. It was reported that he was neglected often by his then, alcoholic mother, and sexually molested by a male member of his own family. People, all of this tends to lead to inappropriate behavior in adulthood. Three years ago, I wanted him jailed for what he does (freak under-aged girls) when the video came out. Today, I am not so stern in wanting him to be jailed. I want him to admit that he has a problem and make a vow to seek the appropriate help. What I mean by seeking appropriate help is not sitting down a preacher, minister, pastor, bishop, or Imam and repenting to the Lord or Allah. I mean real clinical mental help with a licensed or certified mental health professional. I would recommend a Licensed Clinical Social Worker that has experience in working with adults with sexual issues that are derived from negative emotional and sexual experiences from childhood. If he could find a Black man with a LCSW that would be great! I also want him to also apologize to the Black community that has supported him over his fifteen year music career for lying and even refusing to take responsibility for his actions over the past three years. Hell, even Akon said he was sorry about a situation that he obviously had no control over. He even made an apology song. R. Kelly’s sick ass won’t even do that!

I can’t help at times, but blame many Black women for R. Kelly’s un-repentive behavior in this matter. Whenever, I have protested outside of an R. Kelly concert in Memphis, TN, hundreds of women would stroll pass me (most times with a young teen daughter by their side) and yell statement at me like, “Leave R. Kelly alone!” “That’s not him on that tape!” “Are you free of sin or sin free?” “Why you protestin’ him” or “You juss mad cuz he making money!” Okay, to be fair, I will share some of the statements by some of the Black men that have walked pass me as I held up my protest signs. They would often yell, “Stop hatin’ on dat man for making money!” “You crazy dan a mutha-fukah!” “Da mane ain’t been found guilty of nuthin in a cote uh law!” or “Mane, what white people payin’ you to do dis?” Needless to say, I was hurt and amazed by every question and accusation. I have always thought I was standing up for the protection of our children whenever I protested this obvious molester.

I was so disappointed at the large number of black women with their young daughters in tow that rushed to get in line to be entertained by the pissing, pied pedophile, of RnB. I also thought, “Wow, I hope that this is not all that I have to choose from to be a wife and a mother of my future children in the city of Memphis!” “Can I at least find a Black woman with morals in the city of Memphis?” Also, there is a large Christian population of Blacks that often rush by me to get into the concert. It is interesting because, R. Kelly usually comes to Memphis to perform concerts on Sunday nights. Memphis is a very church oriented city (over 3000 churches) and the majority of Black Memphis attends church on a regular basis. I am always amazed at the number of people who attend worship service that morning and get entertained by R. Kelly that night. It boggles the mind.

Anyway, I will be back on post this year with my protest sign in hand, standing up for the protection of children and demanding that R. Kelly seeks help. I don’t plan to do anything differently from the previous years. Anyone who is down for the cause is more than welcomed to join me in the protest. However, is it only an invite and not a request. You can meet me at the FedEx Form at 5:00 pm on Sunday December the 9th. Dress warm because it will be a chilly evening and I don’t necessarily mean the weather temperature. The fans of R. Kelly tend to act chilly towards anyone for protesting their favorite music making molester.

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Mayor of North Memphis
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