Sunday, February 26, 2012

My thoughts on the Whitney Houston Funeral

Please allow me to first apologize to you, the reader for not posting an article last Sunday as promised. After watching the funeral, I needed a little more time to process what I spent four hours watching. I watched the entire funeral on television last weekend and I thought it was a nice ceremony. I loved Kim Burrell’s remixed rendition of the Sam Cooke classic, “A Change is Gonna Come.” I was even moved a little by R. Kelly’s performance of “I Look to You.” Hell, I was even tempted to stand on my feel when Tyler Perry was doing his thing at the podium. However, I must say that tears formed in my eyes as Bebe Winans sang the very song he had written and sung for his own brother who’d passed away previously. I was also moved by the way the pall-bearers carried Whitney’s body out of the church as “I’ll Always Love You” played in the background. Yes. I saw Ray J. jump up and place his hand on the coffin while sobbing uncontrollably as they carried her body outside of the church.

You know what? After the service was over, my brain’s computer clicked back on. My mental processor went to work overtime. First, Was it me or did you realize that the only two white men that got up to speak (Clive Davis and Kevin Costner), spoke well over 15 minutes a piece while everyone else (Black) spoke or sang up five minutes? Also, after suffering through the Kevin Costner rambling, it finally dawned on me. Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston had sex during the making of the Bodyguard movie. Let’s keep it real. Whitney could not act her way out of a paper bag at that time. She really did not do so hot in Waiting to Exhale. However, she was a far better actress than that damn Janet Jackson is today. Why would you postpone the making of a supposed major movie for an entire year for a non-acting pop singer? By the way, Kevin Costner has never been able to act. The movie actually sucked. It was corny, cliché-ish’ and the writing was horrible. Kevin Costner knew that Whitney’s star power at that time would bring people to the theaters. It worked to the tune of 500 million dollars worldwide

Kevin Costner has not had a major hit movie since the Bodyguard. Well, since Dances with Wolves in 1990 and that’s it! Now, Clive Davis is another story. There is something SINister about this dude. His eyes look scary. Clive Davis has had more black women protégé’s than than Thomas Jefferson. I mean, this dude is all over the place. He has had his hands in the pockets and possibly the panties of more black female artists than J.Edgar Hoover had dresses. Have any of you ever heard of the Brophemet Society in hollywood? You know, an alleged secret society of the illuminati that supposedly controls the entertainment industry, which includes the movies, Sports, Hip-hop, and Gospel, RnB, Rock and Pop music? Well, when you get a chance check out the videos on YouTube that talks about blood sacrifices and the rituals that allegedly occur in this supposed society.

There are so many celebrities who are supposedly involved in this alleged secret society. According to the videos, Clive Davis is at the top of the list as being one of the guys you must go to see in order to become big in the industry. A lot of those celebrities were at Whitney Houston’s funeral speaking and singing. Also, a lot of them are allegedly homosexual. When Kevin and Clive got up to speak, I thought about those videos and the information that they contain. Whitney’s death or murder and the funeral (according what you hear on the videos) was nothing more than a ritual burial of one of their own who had decided that she wanted out and could no longer go along with the foolishness of the industry. According to the videos, one cannot break the oath or tell the secrets of the industry once you are allowed inside. Tupac and Michael Jackson found out the hard way, allegedly.

Did you all know that according to the blood sacrifice videos, in order for an artist to gain the height of Whitney Houston’s success, Beyonce’s success and even Michael Jackson’s success, the artist allegedly makes a pledge or takes a secret oath to repay the society’s blessings with a blood sacrifice (family member, friend, or another artist) and/or participate in many of the Hollywood sexual ritual rituals (most of them homosexual in nature) to gain superstardom?

This is why I think that Kevin Costner and Clive Davis both had sex with Whitney. However, I think that Clive had sex with Whitney when she was a young teenager and Kevin had her in her twenties. I know that when I saw Jesse Jackson and R. Kelly’s nasty ass at the funeral, this was no ordinary funeral. It appears that we (the world) may have watched a satanic ritual burial and did not even know it. If this society is a real society in Hollywood, this would certainly explain a lot in my mind about why so many actors and other entertainers are either bi-sexual, gay, drug addicts and even severely depressed. This would also explain why when we have so many black millionaires in the entertainment industry, but they rarely speak out against the MANY injustices being committed against Black people in this country or even help to end the poverty and mis-education in the urban and inner cities where a lot us live. Hell, they are bound and gagged by some secret oath or a secret homosexual act not to do or say a damn thing or they will be exposed or even killed.

I guess I could be saying the same thing about Black greek  fraterities and Black greek sororities and their secret oaths and the members of the Black Boule’ (boo-lay) and their secret oaths but that is another article for another time. :)

Rest in Peace, Whitney Houston. It looks like you deserve the much needed rest.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

These are just my thoughts on Whitney Houston

These are just my thoughts on Whitney Houston

Last night at around 7:30pm, I received a phone call from my mother telling me that Whitney Houston had died. I could hear in the shock and disbelief her voice. As she was telling me to turn onto CNN, I felt myself going into a kind of shock and disbelief. I was closest to my computer so I decided to log on to see what other news sources were reporting. It was true. The one and only Whitney Houston had indeed died in her hotel room at the Beverly Hilton. Friends on Face book almost immediately began sending out death notices and condolences to her family. I even created a post on my face book page expressing how dangerous drugs are to the family and to one’s body over a long period of use. I was saddened by the news, but not surprised. After, I posted the comment; I was reminded that I had plans for later in the evening to attend an Aquarius party at the House of Blues downtown. Needless to say, I did not make the event.

Instead, I went and sat in front of the television for a few hours and watched reports of her death and listened to the comments of the many celebrities who either knew Whitney Houston personally or who were just huge fans of her music and her iconic status. As the night wore on, I grabbed the rest of the Mexican food that I had left over from a small Mexican restaurant where I had, eaten lunch earlier. By the way, this restaurant is not fancy, but the food is soooo good. Anyway, after falling asleep from watching the Whitney death reports and a couple of episodes of the Boondocks, I woke early this morning to log on to see what the world was saying about Whitney Houston’s death.

I went on a couple of news blog sites and even checked emails in hotmail account. Well, news keeps coming. This morning there is speculation that Whitney possibly died as a result of drowning in the bathtub at the hotel room she was staying in last night. The article stated that Bobbi Kristina was there screaming to be allowed in the room to see her mother as the paramedics tried to revive her. The report also alleges that Whitney supposedly took some prescription pills before getting in the tub. As I said, allegedly. Damn, this is true, it sounds similar to how RnB singer Gerald Levert allegedly died a few years back. Gerald reportedly accidentally mixed the wrong pill prescriptions and never woke back up. Pills that causes one to relax so deeply usually are referred to xanax, valium, etc (benzodiazepines). These are taking if one has anxiety, trouble sleeping, or is for some reason, jittery. These pills come with a warning to never take with alcohol. I am not saying that Whitney Houston did this. I am just sharing information.

Also, I read on a blog where some of the respondents where blaming Bobby Brown for Whitney’s drug addiction and troubles. Comments like, “If she had never met Bobby Brown Whitney would still be alive today” and “Whitney’s church upbringing is the cause for staying in a marriage that was obviously troubled for too long. She was trying to stay true to her faith and make her marriage work” were a part of the many responses. I say this. True. I do think that religion and church keep people, but especially women, in bad relationships and with bad men too damn long. Next, I don’t think that Bobby Brown is to blame for Whitney’s drug addiction. Bobby was a younger, bad boy when they met years ago. He was drinking and probably smoking weed when they met. Whitney was America’s sweetheart on television who came up in a strict church environment. By the way, Whitney was already drinking alcohol when they met. Also, if we are honest with ourselves about most preachers’ kids or most of the children who come from strict religious/church household, we already know that these children tend to go buck wild when they are introduced to what their religious upbringing tried to keep them from, which is the real world; the good, the bad and the ugly.

Many would say that Whitney actually met her match in Bobby Brown. However, when it comes to who is to blame for her addiction to drugs, we would love to point the finger at Bobby Brown who was also an addict/alcoholic, the dope man, even her mother Sissy Houston for possibly trying to make Whitney into this perfect Christian little girl and angelic woman. Sadly, we can only point the finger at Whitney for this one. I was one of the millions who was hoping that Whitney would make a major comeback with her voice. The CD she put out a couple of years ago was nice and even had a few hits on it. I actually liked the CD. My favorite songs on the CD were ‘I Look to You’, ‘I Never Knew My Own Strength,’ and ‘Million Dollar Bill.’ But, the song that made me cry whenever I heard it on the radio or especially when I heard her sing it live is a tossup between ‘I Look to You’ and ‘I Never Knew My Own Strength.’ Both of those songs move me a certain way even today because you can hear in her voice a woman who has been through some things and is glad that she was able to survive after all of the trials and tribulations she had endured to get back to some sense of civility in her life.

I will have to pick a time in the future when I will be able to listen to either one of those songs again because today is not the day. Even though Whitney had her much publicized issues with drugs and a troubled marriage, she did not leave us out. She gave us, her fans, some of the best music and singing that the world will ever know. I thank her so much for being the songstress, the diva, and the woman of pop and soul that she was to us, her fans and admirers. I hate she had to leave so soon. I did not know Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Etta James, Don Cornelius, and Vesta Williams personally, but the contributions they made to this world and its music, to the black community, touched me personally. My heart is saddened by Whitney’s passing, but my musical experiences have been enriched. Rest in Peace, Nippy. 

These are my thoughts on the Whitney Houston situation. As Forrest Gump would say and so eloquently, “That’s all I have to say about that.”

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Don Cornelius: A World Renown Soul Icon who became a victim of “Sadness"

Don Cornelius: A World Renown Soul Icon who became a victim of “Sadness"
I used the word sadness because Don’s son, Tony Cornelius, used the word ‘sad’ on The Tom Joyner Morning this past Friday morning. When asked by Tom Joyner if his father was depressed about anything, Tony Cornelius said, “My father was not depressed, he was just sad.” Tony went on to say, “My father was hurting from frequent headaches. He survived a brain surgery in 1982 as a result of a brain aneurism.” Tony also said that he father was a very private man. He said that if there was anything ever wrong with his father, the family would not know right away because his father was not the kind of man who talked about things that were going in his life.

Maybe Tony Cornelius used the word ‘sad’ to describe his father’s mood because the word ‘depressed’ carries with it a stigma of being labeled mentally ill or less than being manly. Or maybe his son does not know the symptoms of depression. Well, as a survivor of chronic depression, this whole scenario up the eventual suicide has depression written all over it. You see. One can have money, fame, and even a loving family and still get depressed. According to the latest statistics 92% of Black men with depression DO NOT seek therapy or counseling. Also, black men have surpassed black women and other races in suicide. I battled depression for three years straight (1996-1999). It took me almost killing myself in an automobile accident to finally get much needed help for my issues. Yes. I was drunk behind the wheel. Yes. For three years I medicated my “sadness” with alcohol. After, having gone to counseling, I was given a new lease on my life. Today, I don’t medicate any problems I may have with alcohol. I do have my melancholy moments or sad days, but nothing that calling a friend, going out on a date, or just picking up the phone and calling my mother just to say hello, won’t cure.

Since 2000, I have put my social work/therapeutic focus on the health and mental health of Black men and boys. I am working to do part in showing Black boys and Black men that WE TOO, ROCK. I am encouraging Black men to look at counseling and as an option and not a curse word. I want black men to become friends again and not be afraid to call each for support when we are feeling ‘sad.’ I want us to bond intellectually as well as athletically. I want us to realize that our female counterparts are outliving us because they talk to each other. They support each other in good and bad times. They share health tips. They uplift each other. As Black men, we can learn a thing or two from a Black woman’s book/guide on how to survive and remain emotionally and mentally healthy during unsure and trying times.

I felt a sense of loss at the news of Don Cornelius’s death and was really saddened that the cause of death was suicide. I feel really sad for his family because they have been left with so many questions of why. According to Tony, the answers to the why questions left with his father on that tragic Wednesday morning at 4:00am. Suicide becomes ‘the answer’ when we disallow other survival options to enter into our minds. When a depressed or sad person is heading down the path of suicide, doors are being closed mentally along the way. Meaning, as the depressed person becomes more and more depressed, he or she does not see many options or brighter days. Therefore, what’s the use in trying to solve a problem that cannot be fixed? This is when isolation becomes more and more prevalent. A lot of times when the family or friends finally decide to become more aggressive in reaching the depressed person or loved on, it is too late.
Don Cornelius, thank you so much for soul train. Thank you so much for your positive image. Thank you so much for showing the world that Black people are indeed a SOULful force to be reckoned with on this planet. I know wherever you are; it is definitely a stone gas! I am Rico Rivers and I am truly wishing you, Don Cornelius, Love, Peace and SOOOOUUUULLLLL!!!