Saturday, March 22, 2008

Lebron James Made to Look Like King Kong in Vogue Magazine

That is a damn shame! Why, Lord?

I was surfing web when I came across this article today. However, I had already seen the photo a short time ago and the image of King Kong actually entered my mind at that time. When I first saw how LeBron James was posed and how the white model was draped over his arm as if she was being carried off, I thought about the old King Kong movie. Low and behold, today, I come across this article on the internet asking the question whether or not the picture congers up old racial stereotypes.
Uh, yes!!!!

It seems that the more we are supposed to be making progress in this country and even in the world; racism rears its ugly head every time. Well, I am not shocked or too appalled by the photo because I have gotten sort of tired of being pissed about things that are done to us as a race by people who don’t like us! In a time when having lots of money is more important than having knowledge of self and racial pride, LeBron’s big, stupid ass and many others that happen to believe that being rich makes you equal and accepted, will continue to be made monkeys of in this society.

White Racism is not dead. I just wanted share this with those out there in the Black community who have had the nerve to equate being rich with being equal and accepted under this current system of white supremacy. I will continue to READ my books on post traumatic slave syndrome, white supremacy, black labor-white wealth, and listening to my Farrakhan and Malcolm X speeches on you tube. I would invite many of our professional Black athletes to do the same so this mess won’t happen to any other Black athlete. Check on the article here