Sunday, April 06, 2014

Judge Joe Brown Rocks !!!

The people of Memphis and Shelby County need to get up off their asses and stand up for once. Show some pride. Show some self-respect. Support this MAN who wants to help. He does not have to. He wants to. Judge Joe speaks the damn truth in this video. He shares some history of years of illegal behavior and/or unlawful behavior in the Juvenile Court System. It’s a damn shame that this man has to return to Memphis to show Black Memphis how to legally stand up for themselves. Also, Judge Joe Brown left Memphis in 1999 to do the highly successful and long running "Judge Joe Brown Show."  Did you all know that since Judge Joe left Memphis in 1999, Memphis has had many black male and black female Judges and attorneys in that city in the courts at 201 Poplar as well as in Juvenile Court? Sadly, over the past 15 years NONE of these frightened Negroes EVER stood up to the white supremacist legal system in Memphis that has dogged out black Memphians at alarming rates since Judge Joe left. NONE of the Black attorneys and judges ever stood up publicly or legally for the rights citizens of Memphis pro bono the way Judge Joe Brown did. Why? I will tell you why. Number one. They are only out for themselves. Number two. They are afraid of going through what Judge Joe Brown went through for only four hours. Next, they obvious learned early in their law careers in Memphis about how to join the crooked system and get some crumbs for themselves instead of working together to change the crooked system and gain a whole slice. What's more interesting about all of this is these same black legal minds in Memphis more than likely had their lame asses at the white corporate owned and controlled MLK Civil Rights Museum in downtown Memphis for the commemoration of Dr. King's murder. Anyway, I can go and on about what contributes to the city of Memphis's daily demise. However, the people of Memphis can decide this one without the cowardly black attorneys and judges in my hometown. Judge Joe Brown is running for a very important office in the legal system there in Shelby County, which is Shelby County District Attorney. An office that has been known by ALL who live in the city of Memphis and in the county of Shelby as biased in its treatment of citizens of color, particularly black men and black boys. Who knows? Judge Joe’s presence in the Memphis just may be the light that inspires the many lazy ‘do nothing ass” black politicians, black legal minds, black preachers, and many of the black citizens of Memphis to finally “grow a pair” and become MEN and WOMEN in that city that will finally start to move Memphis in the right direction and equal justice for all will actually become a reality in my beloved hometown. Don’t let this moment pass you by, Memphis!