Sunday, August 28, 2016

Open Letter to Rap Station Owners, DeeJays, and Program Directors

Dear: Urban-Rap/ Hip-Hop Dee-Jays, Program Directors, Rap Radio Station Owners, and Radio Stations with a Rap/ Hip Hop format/playlist.

This letter is concerning the very comfortable use of the racial slur, Nigger.


I have listened to particular rap songs that are in constant rotation at your radio station (s) for a while now and I would like to make a rap music request if I may. Your current rap music rotation has become very stale over the years. Since we are now living in the days where “equality for all,”  “multiculturalism,” “Homophobia” and so-called “Trans-Phobia” have been placed at the top of everyone’s political, sexual, and racial agenda, I think my request should be a simple one to take into consideration. I am always hearing rap songs that contain violence aimed at African-Americans and racial slurs like Nigger/Nigga being spewed all over your airwaves morning, noon, and night in the city where I currently reside and quite possibly in all cities where rap music in played on radio. My song request is simple. My song request is all about equality and/or equal treatment for all racial and ethnic groups in this country.

Would you mind playing rap songs and RnB songs that contain guest appearances by rappers that violently attack Whites, Jewish-Whites, Hispanics/Latinos, Native Americans, Asians, Italians, and Homosexuals? I am kind of burned out on Nigger this and Nigga that. I would love to hear something new like, “Faggot this or Faggot that. How about “Kyke this or Kyke that? Maybe a song or two that promotes selling drugs and/or shooting and robbing people of other races and ethnicities. How about playing a song that spews other hateful and racist words like, Spik, Wet-Back, Chink, Slant-eye, Gook, Cracker, DEGO, Towel Head, Sand Nigger, and W.O.Ps for a change?

I am pretty sure that you have songs like this lying around somewhere at the radio station. You just have to because it would be the “equal and fair” thing to do, right? Maybe the first place in the station where you can look is under the pile of music CDs with a note attached to them that reads, “Songs that should never be played for fear of offending and degrading any racial and ethnic group that’s not African-American.” I just know that you and/or your rap station are not about being biased in your playlist. I just know that you and/or your rap station (s) are incapable of promoting inequality on any level.

I guess what I am trying to say is that I would like to hear more diversity in your playlist. I would like to hear more of a variety of racial/ethnic attacks being played at the rap radio station. You seem to be very comfortable with playing songs or at least allowing rap songs to be played at the station that contain lyrics that violently attack Black people and refer to them by racial slurs. You also appear to be very open to playing rap songs that use derogatory and demeaning adjectives to describe the female gender within that particular race that happens to be of color. Whenever, I have pointed out the use of the word Nigger/Nigga in the songs in the past, the overwhelming response has been, “Hey, it’s just music. It’s entertainment. It’s what the people want to hear.” Well, if what you are saying is true, I am of the people and I want my music request played on the air.

I will be listening for my song request.
Rico Rivers

Rico Rivers
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Saturday, February 13, 2016

This video disturbed me

""I ought to kill yo fuckin ass!"
"I ought to kill this nigger!"
- Memphis Police Overseer

I have a serious question.

Has anyone ever heard police use this racist, threatening hateful language towards, white, Asian, or white/Jew-ish, people that they have arrested?

Now, he's sitting on the ground. Tired. Exhausted from running. Hands up high in a surrendering position. The young black male is still hit with great force with the police baton by the angry, equally tired, out of shape, frustrated cowardly Memphis Police Officer.

Yeah. He ran. So what? White men, white women run, white teenagers fight, yell, cuss and even spit at police. They don't get beaten and dehumanized. They simply get arrested.

As they placed him in the car, the one white cop kicks the subdued, handcuffed, and non-threatening young male into the backseat of the police squad care with his foot.

Many of you who are black can look at this video, with the audio included and still justify this crap all you want. It is quite possible that police brutality and police lawlessness can come knocking at your door. If you think just because you believe that you are so law abiding that this treatment will bypass you, think again. If you have not looked today, go and look in the mirror. Your ass is black. The cops have been given orders to attack black people. It’s the same orders from 100 years ago. The cops are attacking so called thugs and non-thugs alike.

Many of you in the black community in Memphis need to take some of the responsibility for the crime that's happening in your city in these black neighborhoods. It is quite obvious that many of you have forgotten that these “black criminals” came from you. Your semen. Your womb. Black mommas and black daddies. Now, you want to just hand them over to the system for slaughter since you obviously failed them as parents. To hell with you! These cops are not doing you a favor. Get off your asses and deal with the mess you created. In case you hadn’t heard, your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is not going to come back to get you and just leave the children you did not raise properly here on earth. So, you may as well go back to the community you left or simply step out of the house and get your children. Believe me. There is no heaven for cowards and loser parents.

To the punk ass cops in Memphis who want to act like savages on the job, you might want to keep in mind the Shannon Street massacre that occurred many years ago. You might want to remember the name Lindberg Sanders? You might want to google the Shannon Street Massacre.…/officer-killed-memphis-police-slay…

Lindberg Sanders got fed up with Police brutality and took it to another level. In case you have not noticed, Memphis is not Chicago nor is it a Ferguson. You just may find yourselves regretting this current savage behavior in seemingly only black and poor neighborhoods. So, stop with the vigilante and hooligan behavior and just do your jobs correctly and by the book. Stop with the racist and anti-black male propaganda. Stop behaving like animals. Be professional. Be human. Be the men and women who swore to protect and serve the public as you made it out of the police academy. Stop with this us vs. them mentality. Stop with the gang mentality. If a person is actually threatening your life, do what you have to do. However, beating and kicking a man when he is down because he forced your lazy, dozens of donuts eating, fat asses to run is totally out of line. Running does not put your life in danger. Your fat bellies do. Finally, hey black cops, I hope every cop on the force has seen a picture of your Black children. If not, they too are in threat of being dogged out by your fellow officers in blue."> href="">Full Video Of Memphis ArrestThe full video of the arrest by Memphis Police officers that has people wondering if too much force was used.
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