Sunday, August 11, 2013


I am sure that many of you have heard this statement. I recently posted this statement on my Face Book status a few days ago. The responses were positive. However, the responses were few. Whenever I have posted an article on my blog or Facebook page that touched too closely to home as it related to some form of “what we should and/or what need to do as a race in this country” to gain independence or hell, at least to clean up our own communities, I rarely get responses. I am not going to surmise tonight why the low response occurs, but I do have my suspicions. Personally, I know that the truth does in fact hurt when something about me is said or is written that is actually true. Thankfully, most truthful things that are said about me have been positive things said about me and even to me. However, I don’t shut down when the truth that’s spoken about me is not so positive. If I am being an asshole and I know this, and the person in front me not only knows it, but tells me, I may not admit it to be true out loud, but I do know that the person telling me this has just spoken the truth.
I shared this because I want all of us to know that none of us is above having the truth spoken about us as a group or as individuals. The truth is, many of us in the black community are purposefully playing games when it comes to walking the path of freedom and independence. We are hiding behind the Bible, social organizations, our social and economic statuses, the walls of our suburban neighborhoods, multiculturalism, diversity, individual interests and just plain ole fear of being independent from this white supremacist culture and system. It is the truth. “Niggas are scared of Revolution!” I want to end this article by sharing some truth to why Black people in America will never be respected by whites and any other racial and ethnic groups in this country. Ok. Are you ready? Here is goes.

The main reason that Blacks in this country will never be respected by this government is because Blacks have never fought (in an actual war) in this country against the white man for their freedom. Again, blacks in this country have never fought (in an actual war) against the white man for their freedom. Everyone that the white man has fought a bloody war with, this country respects them. Not only does this country respect them, but the once former opponents in war are thriving immensely in this country, while black people are being treated like step children, like chumps politically, economically, and educationally. Let me give you some examples of what I am saying. Ok. The Native Americans fought to the very last breath with the white man's army for their right to human existence when the first presidents of this country waged bloody war on them in an effort to take their land. The white man even broke treaties to get these peoples’ land. The Native Americans were not having it. They did not take his attacks lying down or praying for him. The Native America men, women, and the children used every tomahawk, every bow and arrow, and every fire lit torch to kill as many white soldiers as they could  before finally succumbing to the many cannons, guns and ammunition that the American soldiers had in their possession.

They have been wiped out, but their current descendants are presently protected by Indian laws today and they have casinos that provide them with independent revenue in order to sustain and maintain what is left of their culture. Next, you have the Mexicans. The Mexicans fought to the death to keep the American white man from taking the Alamo. The American soldiers lost a lot of men and suffered many other casualties in that war. Today, the Mexican community has the ability to bring this current government to its knees should it decide to make a wrong move as it relates to immigration laws. Next, you have the Japanese that who kicked American white men’s’ ass at Pearl Harbor with their Kamikaze fighter pilots who dove their fighter planes loaded with explosives into naval ships killing a lot of naval soldiers. Yes. The United States won WWII, but today, the country of Japan and Japanese citizens living in this country are not “messed with” by this country. The Vietnamese people gave the American soldiers pure hell during the Vietnam War. Many of those guys that came home from the war that this country did not win, came home with mental illnesses and overcome with drug addiction.  Today, the there are many Vietnamese citizens in this country who are not “messed with” by this government.

Did you all know that people who are from Iran and Iraq live in this country? They are living and thriving peacefully in various neighborhoods across the country. The Iran/Iraq war was a huge blow to this country. This country did not win that war either. Soldiers returned to this soil with PTSD and various forms of cancer as a result of the bio chemical agents they were exposed to while fighting the people over there. You see. It’s like a kid at school being bullied. The bully only begins to respect to the smaller kid he is bullying when the kid being bullied jumps up and smacks the shit out of that bully. He may get his ass kicked. He may not. The point is, the kid being bullied finally stood up to his bully. Blacks have fought in major wars with the American bully with hopes of gaining the respect and favor of this American bully, but have yet to literally smack the shit out of this American bully in order to gain respect.
No. The Civil Rights Movement was not a war. Blacks got their asses bloodied and killed because they had no arms and refused to bears against their white attackers. This country did not come to respect Black people because of  a bunch of Negroes begging, pleading, and praying for integration. If you noticed, none of the other groups even thought about integrating as a strategies. Their strategy was to kill or be killed in a time of war. As a result, the white man  today watches his step when it comes to these other racial/ethnic groups that forced him to put up or shut up in the past. This means that black people will have to love, respect, and value themselves in order to gain the respect of the bully.  Hell, even homosexuals in the country have gained the respect of this country and they never even raised a hand in war with this country. All they have done is become successful in making all us feel badly about calling them faggots. Nobody feels badly about calling Black people Niggers. SMDH! Look. I am not saying pick up arms and start killing white folks. What I am saying, we need to get our own house in order (our children, our communities, our families, our economics) and become a strong, unified people, then we will be in a position to demand respect and fight for what's ours in this country with a unified and loud voice like the other groups.
Yes. It’s true.  The truth hurts and it’s scary, but this is only way we will get the respect that other people have actually earned it by not being afraid of this American bully.