Friday, August 07, 2009

Pregnant teens deserve ABORTIONS not baby showers !!

Pregnant teens should not be given baby showers !!

In the age of hyper-sexuality among our teenage boys and girls, I think it is irresponsible for the relatives of pregnant teens to throw a baby-shower for the teen that is expecting. If you look closely, you will rarely see a man in the same house where baby showers are being thrown for these un-wed, uneducated, financially strapped pregnant teens. You guessed it. I think that this promotes teen pregnancy.

I think that today’s society has made it very comfortable for young girls to have babies without having a pot to piss in financially, educationally, etc.Personally, I think that abortions should be in order for teenagers who get pregnant these days without proper support. Meaning, this child that’s having a child will have to fall on the mercy of tax payer dollars because she made poor choices with her body. It makes no sense to me when there are so many forms of birth control out here today.

I mean, really. Birth control pills, IUDs, foams, gels, and condoms seem to be collecting dust on the shelves of Walgreens and CVS stores across the country. Hell, there are plenty of free clinics and non-profit agencies, such as Planned Parenthood that are waiting to assist our teens in the prevention of unplanned pregnancies.

Throwing an un-repaired, irresponsible, and unmarried teenager baby shower only fans the flames of irresponsibilty.