Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Can a woman do what a man does and still remain a "Lady?"

I was listening to an old school RnB song recently when I heard the statement, "A Woman can't do what a man does and still remain a lady." I thought this was a very profound statement coming from the female singer of the song. Currently, we are living in the days of the empowered and independent woman. I think both of these are great. I think it is cool that women or shall I say, "Sistas are doing it for themselves." As a man, I appreciate the today's female's earning potential. You see. This means that as an independent woman who may think she does not need a man because of the amount of money she makes or the socio-political strides she is making these days, I don't have to pick up the check at dinner. LOL !! Just playing, ladies. Well.....maybe not.

The race is still on for equality, which I think is cool too. However, I just want women of today to be prepared for the outcome or consequences once they sign up for a particular race against men.I will just skip the formalities and get straight to the point. Today’s women from age 18 to 58 are still attempting to compete with men in the bedroom. Meaning, women don't want to accept the double standard as it relates to sex. A man can sleep with as many women as he likes in his lifetime and still end up with a decent, wholesome woman that loves him and respects him as a man on his wedding day. If a woman is known to have slept with 5 men in five months, she is known as a tramp, easy, a slut, and even a whore. Now, I know this sucks, but it is the reality.

No self respecting man would seriously date and even mary a woman that has been ridden more times than a horse at a rodeo. A woman that has been labeled looser than shoe laces on a two year old has less of a chance of finding a decent and wholesome man to stand beside her on her wedding day. She would more than likely have to move out of her present city in order to get a fresh start at being looked at as a decent woman by unsuspecting suckers in her new city or state of residence.I would even go so far as to say that a man can have children and still end up with a good woman. A woman with two or more children out of wedlock is lucky to find any man that would look past the "evidence" of her trifling ways. These are not my words. I am just repeating public opinion.

A woman's stock drops after every child she has out of wedlock. So, it would be in her best interest to stop at one child if she plans to nab Mr. Right. Single women with more than one child usually end up with a lot of Mr. Right nows. There aren’t too many men out there that take these women seriously. However, the sex is off da chain!! They are usually prime candidates for a man's sexual release and enjoyment.A man with more than one woman or child is looked at by a lot of women as the man to snag. Women see him as having something special in his pants that they must discover and even attempt to conquer. It is sick, but it is a reality for many women. So, the question remains. Can a woman do what a man's does and still remain a lady?


Rafter-Man said...

I've heard you on the radio. You're a loser.

Rico Rivers said...

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Anonymous said...

Although it's public opinion, I have yet to see why a woman should be called a s*** for picking her own lovers. The only reason I see is that a man's ego cannot handle it.

Rico Rivers said...

Ohhh, my dear Beloved...

I appreciate you trying to make a point. The male ego has nothing to do with this. It is all about how men and women were created. Women are supposed to be the moral backbone in our society. If she is being tossed around like a chef's salad, what man would want her on the serious tip? Don't get me wrong. I love a parade and I love a hoochie mama!

However, when the fun is over, I am gone. So, take it from me. Be what God created you to be.. a virtuous and special being. However, if you do enjoy giving your coochie away to the lowest bidder..at least keep it under wraps.

The double standard is what it is.

Rico Rivers

Heck yeah said...

Men don't mind a slut. I have a friend who cheated while she was married. Now that she is single she has cheated on boyfriend back and forth with different guys. Her steady is a h* too, but he has come to appreciate her enough to propose marriage to her, and she has accepted. Meanwhile she has a third person to come into her life, that is well educated and financially secure. He does not mind being with her. Finally the second guy she has cheated on her boyfriend with wants to turn her out into some way more freaky things with the same sex. She says she would not go that route, but sometimes I have wondered if she would when I see that slick smile on her face. Two of these men definitely know about the other, yet they still promise her trips, money, gifts and marriage. Now all you well educated men that want her, does that make her a lady? Or another notch on your belt, or vice versa. Rico you may even be interested. Anonymous, am I talking about you?

Anonymous said...

Wassup, heck yeah!?

Heck yeah!! I love a hoochie mama! They turn me on. However, a hoochie mama will never get introduced to my mother, let alone get a proposal of marriage from me. All, I can say about you female friend is, "Make it do what it do, baby!" If dudes are diggin her like that, well that's on them.

She just got it like that. However, those dudes don't represent a large percentage of men that take ho's seriously.

Rico Rivers

NIKI said...

Women and men do things differently and the way they think and perceive things are different. Just because we are able to succeed and reach goals that men have reached does not mean we are equal. The path that a woman takes to reach her goals are different than a man.

Men and women are two separate things. Yes we are human but we do things so differently. Why compete with a man? I thank God for being a woman, there are things a man cannot do that we can. We are able to step up and take care of our children and make sure the bills are paid. We are able to work 40hrs a week while pregnant and come back to work months after we have had a child. We are our husbands backbone. How many times have we heard the saying behind every good man is a good woman. But what is behind that woman. You see we are strong human beings, stronger than what we think. We allow other men, women and society to determine our value base off of our mistakes. We can not change what society thinks of us and how they believe we should act, but I do believe that women can succeed and get that man she NEEDS when she gets herself together.

Now look at Karrine Steffans, most of the brothers she has sleep with would never think about marring her but then you have some weak brothas who will. That is all they want out of a female. The sad part is that she does not want something more fulfilling and maybe her being with all those men are fulfilling to her

Women are so valuable that a man cannot stand to have his woman be with anyone else. He wants something that few have had. It is ashamed that most women do not share the same feelings. They are willing to sleep with a married man in hopes that he will leave his wife and be with her. (the craziness thing i have ever seen). I believe that some men have a problem with women with children regardless if she was married or not. I will say this though, I would never want anyone in my life who was so petty as to not accept me because I have kids. That means that this man is more interested on what's on the outside that what is in the inside. He can not be my companion because he will never know how to nurture that inner woman.

Last and not least a women does not have to compete with a man and they need to stop thinking they have too. If we just sit back and look at women and all that we can been through, all the things we are currently doing then they will see, it is the men who need to compete with us. If not then why all of the negative comments and double standards that have been placed on women.