Thursday, January 04, 2007

Does Oprah have a point?

What's up Everybody!?

Oprah made an interesting statement in the news recently when critics asked her, "Why build a school in Africa when the inner city of Chicago can use several new schools?" Her response, "I became frustrated whenever I would visit the American schools and I would ask the children what it was that they really wanted and they would often respond, "Ipods!, Xboxes, or name brand sneakers!" When I asked the children in South Africa what they wanted, they responded, "We want uniforms to wear to school."

In essence, she was comparing the seemingly lack of value in education in the minds of many Black children in America to that of Black children in Africa who tend to value the importance of a good education.

Would you compare her comments to that of an angry Bill Cosby or does she have a valid point?

Rico Rivers
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