Sunday, January 05, 2014

2014: The year to take back BLACK!!

2013 is over and a new year is upon us. Look. Let me straight to the point. Last year, we stood in silence as white men were named favorite RnB and favorite Hip Hop males at awards shows. Wait, The Grammys will be coming up later this month so more of them will be given awards that usually go to Black artists. Black artists, the reason your awards were and are being given to white folks is because most of you have chosen to sing and rap about bullshit. You don’t put the work into your artistry like brothaz and sistas did before you back in the day. There are not too many RnB singing blacks today who work as hard as Gladys Knight and Marvin Gaye did back in their day. The only relief seems to come from the neo soul artists like Jill Scott, Chrisette Michelle, Ledisi, Eric Benet and Maxwell. The RnB singers haven’t done jack! Wait, I can’t forget my man, Avant. In 2014, you all need to step your game up. Rappers stop using Nigger in your lyrics. Rap more about what’s going on politically and racially in your community. This is what the new white rappers talk about, hence, why they were given all of the hip hop awards for favorite hip hop artists in 2013. The white rappers never use the word Nigger in their raps and they out rapped all of you last year.  Blacks rappers, return to hip hop and regain your thrown as the originators of hip hop and real MC-ing!

Next, black females need to reclaim their femininity in 2014. All of this hardness is not attractive. Enough with the mean faces in public. Enough with the foul mouth language. Enough with the weaves. Enough with the hair hats. Enough with the damn tattoos! Enough with the booty implants. Enough with the thickness, fat-ness and obesity. LOSE WEIGHT God-dammit! I don’t want to hear that crap about how you are fine and ok with your BIG self. That’s a damn lie! Start dieting and exercising not now, but RIGHT NOW! Enough with having all of these damn children with no husband! You were created by God as the very first image of womanhood and beauty for the world to idolize. Now, most black females today look, talk, and act like husky, thuggish men in drag! It’s time for a major organic make over ladies. Enough with the supporting of reality shows where Black women are acting a damn fool. Enough! It time for the Black woman return to her thrown as the actual queen of the university. You can’t do this until you; yourself recognize that there is a problem. Finally, return to reading the cultural books again like sistaz used to do in large numbers back in the 1990s when the poetry scene was hot.

Finally, Men, it’s time to take back black! Men, (myself included) we need to stop the lying, the cheating, and sleeping with whores and tramps if your goal is to actually connect with a sista who is serious about being in a relation with you. Pull your pants up DAMMIT! Stop sticking your penis inside a female without a condom and then turn around and bitch and cry about the child support system kicking your ass. Even though she may have given you permission to hit it raw, if she is not your wife, DON’T do it dumbass! I always speak up for Black men, but when many of us are doing stupid things and acting like hooligans, it makes it hard for me to stand up for the humanity and existence of Black men. The black man in his original state is the standard for masculinity and manhood. Hence, why these white boys like Justin Beiber and Justin Timberlake try to copy our look, our sound, and most certainly our African swag! Of course, often imitated but never duplicated.
In order for the Black community to take back our Blackness, we have to work together. We have to start being honest with each other about our true feelings. We have to start loving on each other again. We have to apologize to each and make amends for any ugly behavior we have shown towards each other and start fresh in this New Year. I want to propose that everyone who reads this article begin having conversational “get togethers” with black men and black women in the city where you live. I mean really get together complete with food, drink, light music in a warm and safe environment where a conversation about what we can do to take back our blackness in 2014. Don’t be afraid to tell the truth in these conversations. We are talking out of love and concern. If anyone in the city of Memphis and in Dallas/Fort Worth area would like to into invite me to one of these get together conversations just me know. I would love to participate. I am approaching 2014 with high hopes and high energy. While everyone is hosting conversations, I will be working through my newly formed non-profit organization, A Call For Healing, INC. to do more by way of mental health as it relates to our young men and women. So, WE ALL have our assignments. Ok. Together on the count of three….1,2,3 TAKE BACK BLACK!



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