Monday, March 19, 2012

Cyber-Bullying? Yeah, Right?

I don’t know if you any of you have been keeping up with this case or not, but the headlines to the end of this case really disturbed me. You see. This bullying campaign that has been going on for a while now has gotten me somewhat perplexed and annoyed at the same time, if that’s even possible. I read the story about the 18 year old young man who attended Rutgers University that ended his life in 2010 by jumping off of the George Washington Bridge in New York and into the Hudson Rivers because he was exposed as being gay by his roommate who spied on him through a webcam in their dorm room kissing another man.

Here is a piece of the story that was reported by the Associated on Friday the 16th. “A New Jersey jury on Friday found former Rutgers freshman Dharun Ravi guilty of hate crime and invasion of privacy for using a webcam to spy on his college roommate kissing another man. Three days after the incident, the roommate jumped to his death. Ravi will be sentenced on May 21. He faces up to 10 years in jail and possible deportation back to India, where the 20-year-old was born before moving to the U.S. as a young boy, the Associated Press reports.”

A hate crime? Are you serious? Sentenced up to 10 years in jail? Are you serious? Deportation? Are you serious? This all reeks of a gay and homosexual political agenda at play. I am so sick of the whining. First of all, if Ravi is guilty of anything (in my opinion) it is playing too damn much. He is not at fault for a coward who took his own life because he was ASHAMED of what he was, which is a homosexual. The young man who killed himself because he was exposed for being gay is at fault for killing himself, not the young man, Ravi. The young gay man was obviously in the closet and the door just pulled open before he was ready to “come out” to the world. Hell, I hear so many gay people say that “coming out” is so liberating and such a weight lifted off of them when they either “come out” on their own or are “outed” by someone else, so what was this young man’s deal? I guess this young man wanted to stay in the closet a little while longer and just sneak around with his sexual preference.

I don’t think that this was a case of cyber bullying at all. I think it was a case of whatever was being done in the dark coming to the light. I think that this young man was following the script of so many other so-called proud gays. They hide in the closet until they reach a certain economic or social status in this country and then come out of the closet. Some examples being Rosie O’Donnell, Ellen, Latino singer Ricky Martin, and Wanda Sykes. I think that this whole cyber bullying campaign is a farce and is being used a front and a societal bully pull-pit for political and economic gains by the LGBT community and everyone who wants to get in on the massive cyber-bullying funding for their non-profit organization. It looks like almost every non-profit organization has some useless program to supposedly stop cyber bullying as the flagship of their particular organization’s list of social programs aimed at making society a better place. Baloney! I am not condoning the Ravi’s behavior in anyway, but Ray Charles can see that this whole sentencing situation is some bullcrap.

I think that the “Stop the bullying at school” and the “End Cyber bullying” campaigns have nothing to do with Black children, Latino children, and poor white children living in the ghettos of America. These campaigns, in my opinion, are for whites in suburbia and the LGBT community. When was the last time you heard a gay male being bullied at a “hood’ public school”? How about at a Historically Black College/University? When was the last time you read where a Black student went to his black high school or onto his Black college campus and shot up everybody? When was the last time you read or heard when the same media that’s giving coverage to this story, the national or local LGBT organization (s) and white suburbia gave a damn about anything that goes on the in the ghetto public schools of America?

I simply refuse to get on this emotionally driven bandwagon. I refuse to close my eyes to what is just so clear to me. Cyber-bullying can be handled the same way you handle someone who puts their hands on you at school. You stand up for yourself! If the bully at school is too big, you pick up a brick, stick, or bottle, lay his/her azz out, and then call relatives and friends to get involved. Next, for so-called cyber-bullying…you do the same thing. You video record the azz-whoopin’ you are giving him/her putting your business on blast without your permission. Then, you post that very azz-whoopin’ you gave him or her on face book, Twitter, and You Tube. Case closed!
In closing, parents stop feeding your child this non-sense (although very true) about the bully having low self-esteem and them hating themselves, which is why they lash out at others. Look. You are setting your child up to get his/her azz kicked. Teach them how to fight back, not be a therapist to a bully. Let a licensed therapist help them with their issue so your child want develop issues from getting their azz kicked at school or in life in general.

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