Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Trayvon Martin Case is just a another hint to Black folks about the need for Black Solidarity/Unity.

March 25, 2012

I read a caption on the internet this week that went like this, “Trayvon Martin Death Galvanizing a Nation.” My first thought or question to myself was, “What nation?” Of course, the assumption was this country. Maybe I have been missing it in the news, but has anyone heard a white, Hispanic, Jewish, Asian or even a homosexual national or local radio talk show host besides black radio talk show hosts such as Steve Harvey, Rickey Smiley, Tom Joiner, and Michael Baisden get on the air and declare justice be done in this Trayvon Martin case? I know about all of the news media outlets covering the story because it’s in the headlines. However, where are the young white college kids across America? Where is LULAC)? (League of United Latin American Citizen) Where is AACR (Asian American Civil Rights Movement) Where are the Anti-Defamation League, Jewish Defense League, Sons and Daughters of the Confederacy, the national LGBT organizations, and the various women’s’ leagues/organizations in this country? Meaning, where is all of America and not just Black America in this cause?

Personally, I think the ‘hoodie movement’ is stupid. Don’t you ever get tired of symbolism instead of justice? When the young gay man jumped off the George Washington Bridge for being ‘outted’ by his college roommate via webcam at Rutgers University two years ago, justice was swift. A cyber bullying movement took place, laws have been inacted and gays are now protected. What in hell will wearing a hooded sweatshirt do spark protection for Black males against rogue killers like Zimmerman, the public school system in this country, the criminal justice system in this country, the national hate for black boys, and growing hate for black men by black women? The solution is not a damn hoodie movement! It is black solidarity! As long as blacks continue to lack racial unity, the killing of Black people by whites/ and coconut Hispanics and the killing of black people by other black people will CONTINUE.

This little movement is cute. But comes nowhere close to what really needs to happen. Of course, RACISM is at the root of this crime. However, in my opinion, black disunity is the bigger crime here. By the way. It is more than ok for blacks to unite for the purpose of nurturing, educating, marrying, and loving their own. This cultural norm and strategy has served as an excellent political and economic power base for whites, white Jews, ethnic Jews, Hispanics, Asians, Italians, and every other racial/ethnic group in this country. Hell, even the gay community has solidarity and is making things happen. But this has yet to happen with black people.

Maybe one day we will stop all of this damn marching and actually “get on the move” to really honor the life of Trayvon Martin as well as the millions of black lives lost because of racism/white supremacy with actual black solidarity and much needed black love. Now, before anybody reading this post gets nervous at the thought of black unity. Let me say this. A lot of white people and many blacks who have chosen interracial dating, marrying, and creating children with whites as a psychological strategy in order to survive under racism/white supremacy (in other words "if you can't be em', join em") that may be reading this post will certainly interpret my words as to mean to hate white people, therefore, conjuring up white insecurity and negro fear and anxiety. This fear and anxiety will then cause them to lash out at me. I will then be labeled a race divider and THE sole person who is preventing the races from coming together as if George Washington and the rest of the slave owning fondling faggots of this country, Slave Codes, Jim CROW, J. Edgar Hoover, Bull Connor, Ronald Reagan, the KKK, and the Skin heads never existed. LOL! You know. The usual response when a strong, unafraid, intelligent black man truly speaks his mind about the reality we currently live in. Hey. I am just saying. Look. To hate Caucasians in 2012 is a waste of time and energy.

History has already proven and continues to prove to this day that any hatred towards white by a people of color is more than well deserved. But that energy can best be used to do something more constructive like finally beginning to learn from other races and cultures of color and what they did with all of their “hate energy” for white people. We (Black folks) should learn how they have historically dealt with and currently deal with white hate and white supremacy. It’s simple. They built a nation within a nation and became self-sustaining. WE HAVE YET TO DO THIS!

So, until this solidarity amongst OUR people takes place, we can look for many more Trayvon Martins, Emmitt Tills, and this continued genocide/assassination of black males in this country. Rest In Peace, little brotha, I wish we can do more in your death, but we are too afraid. Marching and begging Caesar for justice is all we are willing to do. We are still settling for crumbs instead of baking our own loaf of bread.


Anonymous said...
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melakutheawakened said...

Another EXCELLENT POST! I have often wondered why WE BLACK AMERICANS can never unify COMPLETELY, I believe YEARS OF "Self Hating" propoganda/mind control has done so much irreparable damage and THE HOUSE NIGGER MENTALITY is the leading cause of this situation. I understand that some may just give up and your right on with the "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" mentality but the main cause that "Black Unity" is lacking is in my eyes due to the "house nigger" mentality. To survive in America many Black people have to seem unthreatening, we have to battle "white privilege" which tells "white" people that YOU ARE JUDGED AS AN INDIVIDUAL and WHICH TELLS BLACK PEOPLE, ONE OF YOU REPRESENTS ALL OF YOU. WHICH I FEEL IS THE REAL REASON RACIST ZIMMERMAN SHOT in the first place. THIS MISCREANT STALKED, ATTACKED AND MURDERED an UNARMED BLACK TEENAGER, ONLY 17 and DUE TO THE ENDEMIC THAT IS WHITE PRIVILEGE was released within hours.
I despise how racist apologists keep saying this demon was "hispanic" not expecting the moronic sheep to know that HISPANIC is a type of Caucasian, WHITE PRIVILEGE does apply his father was WHITE and HIS LAST NAME IS ZIMMERMAN. Every time one of us Black Americans is brutalized, YOU CAN FIND A FEW HOUSE NIGGERS WHO WILL SAY WHATEVER THE "WHITE" MEDIA AND CONSCIOUSNESS NEEDS TO HEAR TO MAINTAIN THE STATUS QUO and many house niggers are willing to do their part to succeed in America be it our so called "Black" president or any number of so called SUCCESSFULL BLACK PEOPLE. I can only name a handful of successful Black Americans WHO NEVER TURNED THEIR BACK ON WHAT BLACK AMERICA is subjected to :Ali and Dick Gregory come to mind, WE ALL KNOW WHAT THEY DID TO ALI FOR HAVING THE CONVICTION TO STAND UP TO THE MURDERS IN VIETNAM. Until the chorus of Black people is so loud that THEY can't deny it, a few House niggers will keep us in this situation. I find it sickening that Black America has been tricked into believing it is really White America, until a reminder like this comes along, and even then it STIlL DOES NOT GET THROUGH ALL OF BLACK AMERICAS PROGRAMMING. I believe this is part of a very visible plan that has been in fruition for decades to eradicate Black people off the face of this earth. The evidence is overwhelming. Also i'm sure you may of heard of Shaima Alawadi, and Iraqi american women who was attacked and savagely beaten to death in her home in California with a note left by her which read "Go back to your country, you terrorist" sadly she is also another victim of "white privilege" and anti-muslim programming. I am angered everytime I think of young Trayvon and Shaima, I have that gut feeling that both murderers will not get arrested and the worst feeling is that most Black Americans will quickly forget and move on due to fear of upsetting the White establishment and it's so called "liberals" who would label me militant for having the audacity to EXPECT EQUAL TREATMENT. Sorry for the length, R.I.P. Trayvon

Rico Rivers said...


Thank you so much for chiming in on this discussion. I had know problem with reading EVERY word you had to say. No apology needed for being long in your response. The truth is never short. I wish more were as awakened and enlightened as you. :)