Sunday, April 22, 2012

Did you know Steve Cokely?

I know was supposed to do a piece this week on the Steve Harvey movie, “Act Like a Lady-Think Like a Man.” However, something way more pressing has happened and so I decided to place the movie review on hold until later to say goodbye to a real modern day revolutionary and a seeker of truth, Brotha Steve Cokely. It has been reported all over the internet that the man who earned the nick name, “Boule’ Buster” has died. He passed way on April 11th of congestive heart failure (allegedly).

I was introduced to Steve Cokely and his pursuit of the truth back in the day at Grambling State University when he was brought on to our campus with funds that were raised by the African-centered and conscious students and without the help of the SGA and any Black Greek organization on campus. It was then that my eyes were opened to what white supremacy is and what it was all about along with the actual hidden history and agenda of the Black Boule,’ (boo-lay) the history of the Rothschild family, and the long time agenda of the Trilateral Commission.  Steve Cokely was also the man who brought light to the actual plot and eventually the murder of Dr. Martin Luther King. He also provided video footage and names of the Black folks who played a major role in the murder of Dr. King like Jessie Jackson, Maxine Smith, Vernon Smith, and Reverend Samuel Billy Kyles.

This man traveled the country in fear of his life for years to deliver the message of truth to any black people who would listen. He was not rich. He was not a celebrity. He was a man who did the research, found the hidden truth, and attempted to share this research with all who would listen. I am so glad that I was one of those persons smart enough to have been enlightened by the brotha’s research. He stood on the shoulders of giants in his quest for knowledge such as Dr. Ben Jochanan, Ivan Van Sertima, Amos Wilson, Anthony Browder, etc. The Black community has a lost one of its best and the bravest researchers and scholars. I just wish that we as a community and as a race would embrace brothas and sistas who dare speak truth to power not only with our loving arms, but with our wallets and purses.

We don’t think twice about lovingly and financially supporting comedians who write silly books on relationships, athletes who push over priced tennis shoes, or homosexuals who design expensive (over charged) clothing lines and apparels. However, when it comes to a brother like a Steve Cokely who literally gave his life to doing the research and sharing it with us, we don’t seem to be as generous. As a matter of fact, we are get angry at men and women like him for telling us about the true nature of white folks and their supremacist psychology, the truth about the black church, the black fraternity, the black sorority, the negro preacher, or the so-called Talented 10th.

Yes. I whenever I went to hear Steve Cokely speak I bought a CD, a DVD, or both. I know it was hard to do what he did when he was alive. I know it continues to be difficult for many of our aging Afrikan-centered scholars who are still trying to teach black folks about who they are and what is needed to be done to save our lives under the system of White Supremacy. I salute you Ashra Kwesi, Dr. Raymond Winbush, Dr. Francess Cress Welsing, Dr. Joy Leary, Bro. Neely Fuller, M’Bwebe Ishangi and many others who are still in the fight.

I will end this by saying thank you, Bro. Steve Cokely for being there to help wake me up and to start me on the road to gaining more knowledge about the hidden truths when it comes to the society I was born into. You were not a conspiracy theorist as many have described your work to be. A theory can be debated. What you uncovered can never be debated. RIP Brotha!!!

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melakutheawakened said...

First let me say R.I.P. Steve Cokely, I as a human being and a Black man THANK YOU FOR THIS TRIBUTE TO A MAN ALL HUMAN BEINGS SHOULD KNOW AND RESEARCH. I have LIVED IN THE WORLD OF AND STUDIED THE ILLUMINATI FOR YEARS. When my search for truth brought me to Mr. Cokely EVERYTHING CAME TOGETHER. A wave of pure spiritual understanding came over me. The "Boule" are as wretched an arm of the Cult of the stolen eye- (as i like to call them, I mean REALLY!!Whose pyramids were those to begin with?) -as the Illuminati who created them. I equate Mr. Cokely to Malcolm X, his words rang so true they illicited anger from those whose very so called existence was the basis of his work. Alot of Black Americans have been PROGRAMMED with the same PROGRAMMING WHITE AMERICA gets. I see the same reaction most Black Americans gave Mr. Cokely that White Americans give the 911 Truth Movement. The anger arises from their minds "Truth" sensor knowing the information and evidence is true, but the PROGRAMMING kicks in and anger is the best way to make the rational irrational. I KNOW people who reach a certain amount of wealth and stature DO SO BY ADHERING TO THE AGENDA and THAT IS EVEN TRUER FOR US BLACKS. "Boule" and it's Mother the Bohemian Club are perfect examples of how a few people CAN CONTROL BILLIONS. The ties to successful Black Americans and this traitorous organization is more than coincedental. I always feel better after I read your Opinions. Considering your expertise, I would love to see you write on Transracial Adoption or more properly Transracial Abduction. Thank You again Brother, it is always joyous to come across other Critical Spiritual Thinkers. Keep it up Bruh!