Sunday, May 06, 2012

Steve Harvey is at it again. He says “women should not date men who don’t believe in God.” “Those who don’t believe in God are idiots”

Steve Harvey is at it again. He says “women should not date men who don’t believe in God.” “Those who don’t believe in God are idiots”
First of all. Black women rarely ever don't Black men who don't believe in God. One of the first things that they ask a man on the first is “What church do you belong to?” This question has ended a many dates for me personally. It has even gotten to the point where I have serious considered even moving out of the south or checking the internet for dating website that primarily features slender black women, with their own hair (that is not chemically processed) and who are non-religious. Now, these same Black women date men of other races who don't believe in God, don’t have a religion, and who don't go to church. You see. Black men are held to a "PERFECT" and a "NO NONSENSE" standard while other men just have to be white, Asian, Mexican, rich, etc.

Next, Jesus is not God. God is God. ALL INTELLIGENT PEOPLE WITH GOOD COMMON SENSE and a LIBRARY in their neighborhood know that one does not have to be a part of a religion or belong to a damn church to have a belief in a higher power, the Creator, the Most High, and even God. It’s whatever adjective you choose to describe your Higher Power. So, having said this, the men that seem to be giving all these women the blues are the guys who actually go to church and have a religion. Atheists, Agnostics, and people like me, Spiritualists, are not out here pimpin’ women, lying to them, impregnating them and leaving them and the seed he helped to created behind to move on to the next conquest or having sex with other women and men (the down low-brothaz) outside of the relationships.

So, Steve Harvey all those brainless Harvey-ites need to get their minds and their information right. Maybe these sistaz should give the non-church going, so-called non-believing Black men a chance at romance. They just may run across the man of their dreams and stop living in dream-land. Hell, I figured if these same sistaz can date and have children by thugs who don’t pay child support, they should not have a problem with dating an atheist, agnostic, or a non church-attending spiritualist. At least these groups of black men have jobs, education, and no record of criminal activity in their lives. Well, most of us. LOL!! 


Anonymous said...

Agree with Steve on this one. Those who don't believe in a higher power are idiots.

Rico Rivers said...

Don't be anonymous. If have something to say...let us see and know who you are. By the way, Steve never said Higher Power.. He said God. Meaning in a Christian/religious sense of the word. There are tons of Black men and people in general who are not of a damn religion and who do not refer to the most High as God. I don't. I refer to the Creator as the Creator. Certainly not in some dumb religious sense or ignorant Christian sense of the word. The idiots are those Blacks who refuse to READ history to learn how Christianity in the current form that we are practicing, came from former slave owners. This is why every religious symbol that is good or is the way to a heaven is white.