Sunday, May 20, 2012

Why are so many Religious Blacks so gullible? So what if gays want to get married!?

Ok. The President ‘came out’ last week and publicly supported gays having the right to marry. Who cares? Newsweek Magazine even disrespectfully (in my opinion) plastered a picture of the so-called first Black President wearing a gay (rainbow colored halo) with a caption that reads “The first gay president.” The President giving a politically motivated supportive speech last week did not change any situations in my life. In case you all did not know, Obama is running for re-election in November. The Republican conservatives and any and all anti-Obama individuals and groups are hard at work to make sure that he does not get re-elected. The President ‘coming out’ in support of gay marriages seems to have done exactly what the Obama haters wanted to be done, which was to create an emotional debate in his black voting base. I used the word emotional because the Pew Foundation on Religion reports that Black people are the most religious group in this country, with Hispanics being not too far behind and whites in dead last. This says a lot about our mental health status as a race. The right-winged conservatives assume that Black voting is usually based on emotional moods or emotional status during an election season. Therefore, this style of voting is usually void of any sense of intelligence when dealing with politics and  even race.

Religion has almost always been used (ever since the very first Afrikans were kidnapped and brought over here to America for slavery purposes) as one of the main tools of manipulating Black people, therefore, maintaining the ability to control and entire race of people with a damn scripture that supposedly came from some Jesus figure or from some god. Now, you have these Negro preachers all on television challenging and even condemning the President for his supportive statement of gay marriages, citing biblical reasons for their dismay. Negros, please! Get off the gas! Let’s go back into history for a moment. Let’s go back to the slave plantation where the Negro preacher was actually created. Look. The black preacher is more of a danger to the Black community than the KKK, Nazi skin heads, and even a neighborhood gang. He or she is even more of a sell-out than those Blacks who played a part in the murders of Dr. Martin Luther King and Malcolm X.

The Negro preacher is a hired hand for white racism/white supremacy. Meaning, he/she ain’t worth a damn to us. The Black preacher was selected and groomed to be a voice for the slave owner’s plantation agenda. NO BLACK PREACHER HAS EVER BEEN “CALLED” TO PREACH BY GOD! This is a longtime myth that so many black people have been passing down from generation to generation.

On the slave plantation, the Negro preacher was given the slave owner’s version of the Bible on to further the mental initiation of servitude and obedience to the massa. His job was to drive home the point to the slaves who attended church services that ole massa and the conditions on the plantation were not so bad and besides they were all going to get a reward in heaven when they died for all of the physical and mental suffering they were put through while here on earth. Sadly, many too many of us still believe this old hype.

He was a trusted slave that pledged his allegiance to the plantation and its owner. In return for his allegiance, the trusted preacher on the plantation was given the better of the scraps of food from old massa’s table while the other Afrikans had less. He wore somewhat of a better grade of clothes and he was even allowed to wander about the entire plantation and even in the massa house, with little questioning or even being harassed. So, one might ask, “Rico, do you feel this way about all black preachers today?” Well, if he/she is currently teaching out of the very book (Bible, which is missing several books) that has kept us enslaved mentally for over 500 years in this country and afraid to stand up against white supremacy and white racism then yes. I feel this way. I don’t trust any Negro preacher who does not believe nor teach an Afrikan-centered doctrine. Rev. Jeremiah Right teaches and African-centered doctrine. Malcolm X taught an Afrikan-centered doctrine. Noble Drew Ali taught and Afrikan-centered doctrine. I even like the doctrine of the Honorable Minister Farrakhan and Elijah Muhammad. If your Negro preacher isn’t teaching this way, he is teaching you to be a religious, self-hating slave to white supremacy.

So, some of the preachers have a problem with the President’s statement on gay marriage. A lot of us have a problem with the President’s statement on gay marriage based supposedly on what the Bible says about marriage. I will say this. I find it most interesting that some of these jack-legged preachers and silly religious Blacks have such a problem with the ‘gay issue” on a national level, but locally (or within their very own churches) they are silent. These very same objectors of gay marriage on a national level sit up in church every Sunday with a gay choir director, a gay organist, a gay preacher, a gay deacon, and even gay male or female couples. I guess it is ok for them to be gay all up in the church on Sunday morning as long as they pay their weekly lay-away-plan to heaven that most folks refer to as tithing. If you all are so concerned and are supposedly do in-tuned with what the Bible supposedly says about anything, maybe many of you should read in the Bible somewhere where it talks about healthy living and eating a healthy diet and not having all of these damn children out of wedlock! Yes. I said it!

Also, whenever something “jumps off” racially or politically in the Black community, the Negro preacher is always called to either calm the storm of Black anger or fan the flames of confusion. In this situation concerning the President’s supportive statement on gay marriages, these Negro preachers have been “called” to step out front to further fan the flames of confusion. Don’t be misled by these charlatans. They are on the pay roll. Gays wanting to marry should not even be allowed to serve as diversion to what we really need to be concerned about in the Black community. Do I need to go down the list of issues that need to be addressed? Hey, let them get married and let them get divorced like the rest of us. Oh. Yes. Gays get divorced too. Ask Ellen DeGeneres. Ask Rosie O’Donnell. Ask Melissa Etheridge. This list of gays to ask about falling out of love with their partner and getting divorced is long.

Black people, don’t get caught up in the biblical nonsense about a marriage supposedly being only for a man and a woman. Hell, based on statistics, straight men, straight women, and gays don’t really seem to care that much about marriage, especially in the Black community. What Black people should be doing is coming together to build up our communities, supporting each other economically, and raising the children that we decide to give birth to with or without a spouse.

In closing, I did not write this article in support of President Obama or the gay community. I wrote this article with hopes of bringing some semblance of clarity to people who may have gotten off track or who may have been distracted from the real issues. If you are an Obama supporter don’t get sidetracked with silly issues like gay marriage or gay rights. By the way, what exactly in the hell are gay rights? Don’t allow a paid spokes persons for white supremacy such as a damn preacher to speak for you. Do your own reading and research.


melakutheawakened said...

Another excellent extremely well thought out post. I AGREE with everything you stated. Clearly Rev. Jeremiah Wright of the Trinity United Church of Chicago, Obamas former church, is EVIDENCE of what happens when Black preachers START TELLING THE TRUTH OF WHAT IS GOING ON. I admire and respect Mr. Wright for actually STATING the truth. He was attacked by the SO CALLED LIBERAL MEDIA adnaseum. But he is compelling evidence of what happens when Black preachers fall away from the ACCEPTED views that are tolerated in a supremist culture. Also, they had openly gay members of the church. Infact 3 were killed a few years back suspiciously, at first the police said that it could be a anti-gay serial killer, but when the killings stopped. Researchers began to find evidence of Obama having affairs with the former Choir director who was openly gay. The theory is since Obama was the selected by the true controllers as the next President. Any information like this would hurt his chances and THEIR GOALS FOR THE NWO. It is interesting. I find it is abhorrant that so many of us Black Americans are extremely anti-gay, many of my friends are and some actually believe America is being punished by God because of this. Sounds like what the Westboro Baptist Church preaches. In reality it is suspicious that after vehemently being against gay marriage, Obama and company are now for it. Obvious to me, that they need every so called vote. I believe that votes are manufactured and not tallied, but it still serves them to be perceived as having as many supporters as possible. I personally feel no threat by the gay community, but GOD ISSUES rule this country full of programmed sheeple incapable of thinking outside their matrix. Thank You again, your posts always leave me feeling that I am not alone in my quest for TRUTH and EQUALITY for all. Peace Bruh!

Rico Rivers said...

Thank you, Mela as always for checking in and sharing your insight on this blog.


StEwPiD_MoNkEy said...

The only thing you actually got correct was calling blacks in America black Americans. I love hearing all this trash abot NWO. Grow up and please support your assertions with data and references.

Rico, what African religion are you talking about? Malcolm X and the nation of Islam? Please get your facts straight. First of all most african slaves came from Nigeria and where Yoruba. Their religion was Ifa, not Judeaism, Xianity or Muslim. Check out Ifa and Santeria.

Not a bad blog though.