Sunday, January 06, 2013

Pregnant teens deserve ABORTIONS, not baby showers !!

In the age of hyper-sexuality among our teenage boys and girls, I think it is irresponsible for the relatives of pregnant teens to throw a baby-shower for the teen-ager that is expecting. If you were to take a close look, you will rarely see that there is a man in the same house where baby these teen baby showers are being thrown for these un-wed, uneducated, financially strapped pregnant teens. You guessed it. I think that this promotes teen pregnancy among our young girls.

I think that today’s society particularly too many female headed households have made it very comfortable for young girls to have babies without having a pot to piss in financially, educationally, and even emotionally. Personally, I think that abortions should be in order for teenagers who get pregnant these days without proper support. Meaning, this child that’s having a child will have to fall on the mercy of tax payer dollars because she made poor choices with her body. It makes no sense to me when there are so many forms of birth control out here today.

I mean, really, you have birth control pills, shots, IUDs, foams, gels, and condoms that seem to be collecting dust on the shelves of Walgreens and CVS stores across the country. Hell, there are plenty of free clinics and non-profit agencies, such as Planned Parenthood that are waiting to assist our teens in the prevention of unplanned pregnancies.

I just find it to me amazing that on one hand, there are television commercials speaking out against teen pregnancy, but then on the other hand, you have these people throwing baby showers for 13, 14, and 15 year old pregnant girls. What a contradiction. Throwing an un-repaired, irresponsible, and unmarried teen-ager a baby shower only fans the flames of irresponsibility.
I know plenty of people want to say that throwing a baby shower is like officially welcoming a precious gift from God onto the planet. I don’t agree with this analogy. I believe that if people actually thought of babies being born was such a gift from God, they would not allow a child to be brought here by an unprepared mother, young or old. Then, you have these convenient anti-abortionists and supposed lovers of God’s word. If you are against abortions, don’t have one. If you are a lover of God’s word, don’t get pregnant out of wedlock and especially as a teenager. You can’t have it both ways. Either you are against abortion or you are a lover of God’s word.

The act of creating and having a child is only a blessing when done in accordance to the natural order of things. Meaning, this process happening between a responsible and loving man and a responsible and loving woman, preferably married, however, I do understand that there are loving and responsible people who are not married, but they live with each in a monogamous and committed relationship. Teenagers don’t fall anywhere near what I am talking about. I often scratch my head at the parents who allow a child to have a child in their households. I guess it is good thing that I am not a parent because I would not allow a teen living in my house to have a damn child in 2013. Hell. I am taking care you. What do I look like taking care of my teen ager and her child in my damn? It ain’t gonna happen. Also, what’s all of this foolishness about a teenager having the choice to whether or not she gets an abortion when she lives at home with grown people who take care of her? What kind of thinking is this on the part of the teen child’s parent?

I have heard moms say this and it just blows my mind. How in the hell does a minor get to decide whether or not to bring another bill into the house (in the form of a baby) when this same minor child did not have the good sense to obey her parents and not allow the boy to get her pregnant in the first place? What happened to grown people sense? Did grown people stop having good sense when the 1990’s came to an end?

Anyway, I want to end this article with a few statistics on why teen pregnancy is never a good idea and throwing baby showers for pregnant teens instead of taking them to the abortion promotes teen pregnancy.

Only 77% of children born to teen parents will receive a high school diploma compared to 89% of children born to older parents.

Teenage sons of teen mothers are 2.7 times more likely to be incarcerated than sons of older mothers.

Fathers are less likely to be in the same home as children of teen parents than homes of older parents.

Children born to unmarried, high school drop-out teen mothers are 10 times more likely to live in poverty than those born to married women over the age of 20.

Each year in the U.S., approximately 750,000 to 850,000 teenage women, ages 15 through 19, become pregnant.



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