Sunday, June 08, 2014

Reparations Now!!!

Ah yes.

Reparations for over 300 years of chattel slavery, plus 100 more years of Jim Crow laws. Legalized segregation. Taxation with no representation. Its amazing how so many African Americans today shy away from this subject. I mean. Literally become angry, beligerent, condescending, and sometimes flat out hateful towards a black person who brings it up. I think its just plain ole fear. Fear of buckin the white man's system. I this its fear of success. I think its fear of our own unity. I think African Americans are more afraid of our unifying behind a legitimate cause than white society. This fear came from the psycological conditioning of slavery and JIM CROW. Funny. Homosexuals can unify over some bullshyt called gay rights and were successful making so-called gay rights an actual issue in this country. Furthermore, these people forced this very same government to legally recognize this crap. The Hispanics unified and brought this same government to its knees over the rights of immigrants and forced this government to lay off the immigration reform conversation unless it was in their favor. However, African Americans deserving REPARATIONS for the kidnapping and enslavement of an entire race of people because their skin is black by this government and its European allies is a conversation and a possible struggle NOBODY wants to get involved in. This government and this society will never take Blacks seriously until WE become serious about us.

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