Sunday, January 22, 2012

No Redtails movie for me, THANKS.

I want to officially congratulate all of you (particularly Black folks) who gave “back to black” this weekend by proving to the racist white/Jew-ish ran Hollywood establishment that you can spend money. LOL!! I think it was already made clear by past and recent economic statistics that Black people love to shop and spend money. We are serious when it comes to being top consumers in this country. We seem to get some sick joy out of making others rich and even richer. Yes. Your consumer spirit was well tapped into this weekend by the Hollywood marketing machine. It is quite sad because they did not even have to try anything new or different to get our money for this particular movie. They used the same ole, “Hey Black people, here is your chance to prove how valuable you are to a racist system.” Meaning, they used the same psychology of Jim Crow that many blacks fell victim to back during the days of segregation, including the Tuskegee Airmen.

Ok. Here is how black people were suckered into doing stupid things under guise of fighting for freedom, while actually committing psychological suicide under a system that WILL NEVER see them as equal. Since, we refused to follow the blue print for actually gaining freedom like all the other races, we took short cuts. The Tuskegee Airmen thought if they could prove to racist America that they could fight in their war, America would somehow treat them as equals. WRONG! When they got done fighting their little hearts out in WWII, they returned to this country still viewed and treated like Niggers! While they risked their lives in Germany fighting for the lives of Jews and free whites back in America, their own people were still being lynched and Jim Crowed to death.

This past weekend was no different from the misguided actions of the Tuskegee Airmen during the days of Jim Crow. Supposedly intelligent people, who seem to still be taking the shortcut to freedom, packed the theaters this weekend to see a movie THEY SAID would not be funded, produced, and distributed because it was a so-called black movie. That statement alone should have woke some people up or at least raised some eyebrows. Next, the person who made this announcement was none other than George Lucas of Lucas Films, LTD. I don’t think that too many black people know who George Lucas is so please allow me to give a brief bio of George Lucas. Ok. George Lucas is the owner, producer/director of the billion dollar Star Wars franchise. He and Steven Spielberg also collaborated on the ET and the Indian Jones franchise. Now, I know a lot of you flocked to the movie theaters this past weekend with the sincere belief that we were somehow furthering a black cause or helping to get unknown black history out to the masses. Well, sorry to burst your bubble. That story has already been told. I saw it on HBO a few years back. It was alright.

Lucas was not doing anybody (especially black folks) a favor when he financed the movie. A man in business never spends money without the expectation of a return on his money. I can’t believe that so many supposedly intelligent black people in the media and in society fell for that old statement of Hollywood not wanting fund or distribute this movie. George Lucas is Hollywood! HE is one of the major players in Hollywood. He flat out lied and we fell for it. We fell for it because we absolutely refuse to accept the concept of doing for self. Marcus Garvey had a newspaper with the readership of about one million black folks worldwide without the use of the internet or the financial backing of any major white news paper back in the 1930s. So, why is it that we still depend on Jesus, I mean, whites to save us or to tell and distribute our damn stories in 2012? I just don’t get it.

Again. The same old story. Whitey gets a pat on the back from black people and the world for using his white influence under the system of white supremacy to throw Negroes a bone. Directors like Spike Lee, Bill Duke, and John Singleton just to name a few have all tried to create movies that told our stories, American stories, but fell short because of the Hollywood wall of hate whenever it came down to getting decent financing and proper distribution to be able to appropriately tell our stories to the masses and I am not talking about comedies and stupid buddy movies. So, whenever it came to these particular Black directors, we hardly ever supported any of the quality movies they attempted to bring to us, such as Rosewood, Malcolm X, and Miracle at St. Anna. So now, that the white billionaire has pulled some strings on his own behalf, it was time to rally up the Negro populace to help him make his money back for supposedly doing us a favor. I don't think so.

George Lucas can afford to write as many checks as he wants. He is a billionaire. Black people helped him to become this wealthy tycoon. I am just waiting the day when will stop taking these short-cuts to freedom and independence and begin to do what Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, and Elijah Muhammad tried to teach us before the onslaught of the integration propaganda became too cemented in our psyche. Freedom ain’t free. If you rely on others (especially your former enslavers/oppressor and current systematic tormentors) to tell your stories such as the Tuskegee Airmen movie, two things will always happen. 1. The truth will be compromised. 2. They will make themselves look worthy of redemption after never having to pay for the wrong they committed against a person or a people.

Finally, if George Lucas is still in mood of spending money on history when it comes to blacks in this country, I have two suggestions…How about putting100 million dollars behind another movie with Tuskegee in the title like the “Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment” or 100 million dollar behind the truth how AIDS/HIV was actually created and why. It can be called, “The Global 2000 Report on the depopulation of people of color.” While I am at it, I have to suggest to him about putting 100 million dollars behind a movie that goes into deep into the Jew-ish participation in the American slave trade.

I know its wishful thinking. Hell, even George Lucas knows that the Black masses will not go to the movies to see anything like what I suggested even if he suggested it himself.

We will get it one day I hope.


Anonymous said...

People will argue that movies are meant to entertain. Others will argue that this may be our only way to get our message. How many black billionaires are there? We are making strides, just not fast enough. Good points. I still feel it is great for our kids to see, however it gets out there.

UUNIK Talk said...

We don't need a Black billionaire to make quality films. Have you ever seen 'Hidden Colors' or 'Daughters of the Dust' or 'Sankofa'? We need is collective economics.....Thanks Rico for putting it down!!

Danielle said...

I almost didn't leave a post because I was taught not to acknowledge ignorance. However since you are a graduate of a historical black university and so opinionated, I have to address this folishness with a couple quick questions.

Are you one of those so black, angry brothers that you blame the white man for everything. Or, are you mad you aren't too dark? Did the kids pick on in school? You probably have a problem with patronizing a black business too. You probably are a Republican and date white women.

I'm so pissed by your ignorance that I'm at a lost for words. The contributions of the Tuskegee Airmen and other prestigous African Americans are the reason yo' black ass could attend college and write this type of bullcrap.

I will be back with other Tuskegee graduates and PROUD African Americans to address this from a different point a view when I calm down, sellout!


April TU Alum said...

Some people kill me being conspiracy theorists about EVERY. SINGLE. THING. What you failed to acknowledge is how the surviving Airmen supported this film! What this movie is doing is causing people, especially the youth, to actually research the Tuskegee Airmen. The movie is not a documentary & was never advertised as such. People are so quick to criticize what they know little about

Rico Rivers said...


I am far from ignorant. I love being a graduate from a HBCU and I especially love being not only black, but a dark-skinned black. Yes. I had a bully or two in middle school, didn't we all? LOL! However, I did take care of the bully without having to shoot up my school or commit suicide. You should read my post on Bullying while you are on my blog getting so pissed off. LOL! Baby calm your nerves.
Even a supposedly intelligent person like you would not dare be so obtuse in your thinking. Meaning that because a white billionaire financed a JIM CROW era movie where the black fighter pilots were treated less than human and who also referred to that dirtbag, Adolf Hitler as "Mr. Hitler", I am supposed to be a happy go lucky Black person about it.
Sweetie, my brain goes deeper than that. Sorry that your doesn't. However, deep brains and intellect comes with attending and graduating from a HBCU :)

You bring whoever you want to this blog cuss and whine. I just hope the other Tuskegee grads aren't as closed minded as you are. If that is case, I will be able to take you all with one brain tied behind my back.

Everyone has a right to express what they want. Learn that!

Rico Rivers said...

April TU Alum:
I am sorry that have written off the importance of what I wrote as a conspiracy. I guess I was reading the wrong history books. Or maybe you have not read at all. Don't be ignorant because you don't agree with timing of my article. :)

Rico Rivers said...

You are very welcome. This year, I will be bring more issues to the forefront that WE don't seem to want to talk about for fear of offending others.

Very good points. I forgot about those movies. What about Cry Freedom and A Dry White Season?

Teneshia Moore said...

Rico, before you speak about something that is historically significant such as the Tuskegee Airmen and the opportunity for their story to be told, think about the impact that your opinion may have on young impressionable minds or the fuel that it may add to the fire of ignorant folks. I see that you are an intelligent man, but I think that your energy would best be channelled in a more positive manner such as mentoring young black because the lord knows that they need you more than you know. As a graduate of the prestigious Tuskegee University. I am saddened by the comments that you have posted.

Rico Rivers said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rico Rivers said...

Hello, Teneshia Moore:

Thank you for chiming in. Also, thank you so much for telling me how I should speak my mind on my blog.

It is because of the significance of the Tuskegee experience that I shared my thoughts. It is because of young the minds out that I shared my thoughts in the manner in which I did, which is truthfully.

Face it. Santa Claus ain't real. Neither is the story at the movies.

However, the impact of impressionable young minds is a big a issue with me. I see that it is with you too. Maybe you and I can join forces to help bring an end to the horrible rap and RnB music that so many of our young impressionable minds get bombarded with on daily basis. Gucci Mane and Young Jeezy must go. :)

B-More said...

Ase brotha!!

Caruis J said...


I have not seen the movie yet but I like the fact that you have the courage to share your perspective/opinion. It is certainly food for thought. I think people have gotten to a point where they have a different opionion and feel as if you can only be all right or all wrong. I just hope people stop and think about a couple of the things that you mention in your blog and ponder on it for just a second before choosing to be angry. I agree with you that Lucas had an outstanding sales pitch and the black community bought it. I also agree that being accepted is a very powerful tool and it starts very early in age. Having children and being a mentor of many I have personally witnessed how entertainment, mass media, and people of influence controls the masses. People don't usually want to go against the crowd and offer a different perspective because they fear not being accepted. It is far easier to say thanks for making a great movie. It is much more challenging to say if Lucas really wants to help the black community then he would rally up hollywood to go into the communities and say I sorry for what America has done to you and I don't want to entertain, I want to intervene and get the resources into people's hand that will properly educate the people and teach them how to provide for themselves. Rico - thank you again for having the courage to ask people to stop and think. I know you are not just an angry black man - you have a message.

Rico Rivers said...

Bro tha Caruis.
Man, how are you? Thank you so much for those kind words. I appreciate your words of wisdom and understanding. Please hug your family for me. If you are ever in Dallas, be sure to look to me up.

Rico Rivers said...


Thank you so much for checking out the blog. Don't be a stranger. :)

Martina said...

Humor me...What type of movies have you spent your money on? or do you avoid all forms of entertainment that would line the pockets of the ubber wealthy in the name of "I won't be sucked in like all those other (to use your word) n....s! You may not have liked the packaging of Red Tails or the billionaire producer, but it sometimes takes events like this to showcase demand and a market for such films? Would you have preferred this movie have been produced by Spike Lee? If they produced a movie about the Tuskegee Experiment would you watch it...wait there has already been a film on this topic...have you seen it? Whether the producer was white, black or different the impact was the stirred anger,disbelief, and outrage from people of all you oppose such you not recognize the positive influences or only when and if they are produced by a "white billionaire?"

I see from your MLK blog that you have boldly stated that the black race will "NEVER" stand up for themselves. What exactly are you doing to effect change besides casting dark shadows over honorable courageous leaders of our time? You can never place yourself in the shoes (if they were lucky enough to have them) of a slave or martyred leader. If someone snatched you out of your bed tonight,stripped you of your clothes and dignity, then oh yeah beat you with whips would you be the first to revolt...even if you would be willing or did and likely died, there would be a strong possibility that a nay-sayer --proven by your commentary with this blog-would 100+ years later spit on the life and spirit you left behind for his right to "speak his mind and lynch black folks with his words" in the name of I am educating y'all ignorant ni...s. Really?

Martina said...

Part II We, incl you, are all entitled to our opinions, "the case for freedom of speech" which you lean on when someone says something in opposition of your blog was partly earned by folks of several races standing together for institutional change, yet on your MLK blog you demean and disrespect those sacrifices.
I digress...What exactly do you (would you)stand up for when faced with true adversity and controversial decisions? Respectfully, I am inclined to believe that you are trying sooo hard to go against the grain under the helm of I am smarter, more intelligent, etc that you wouldn't even recognize a multi-faceted approach or agenda even if it hit you in the face. Life isn't black or white (and I am not referring to ethnicity), it is complex. It is easy to place yourself on a throne and sit back and review history from a jaded lense critiquing all that you would've done better, could've done better. In fact, in your MLK blog you praise the Jewish race or Indians for fighting back. How many untold stories you overlook of Jewish indiv that passed as Germans during Hitler’s reign, while negating the untold and unsung stories of blacks that died in their own uprisings. Haitians revolted against the Europeans, yet they received no praise however misguided it was along with your hail Marys to other races for standing up for themselves.
I am not throwing negativity towards any other race, but my point above is that folks under cruel and extreme circumstances made tough decisions, whether YOU or I agree them. Minimizing their sacrifices, just seems narrow in thought.

Do you really believe that ONLY Rap and Hip-hop genres cause negative impressions on youth and adults for that matter? What about rock n'roll?
Alas, I say don't be so quick to judge all black people, especially in "absolute" terms and be even slower to speak/blog if you can't be objective...but let me guess how you will refute that last comment. My blog, my toys, if you don't like it you can go home.
Whine and cuss...take you all with one brain tied behind my back...WOW, why so disrespectful? ...and you make part of your living teaching an anger management course. I see a lot of irony with that!
I challenge you to think outside of the "opposition-only thinking" box. Have a good day and great future...

Anonymous said...

The Funny thing Rico! The Blogger system that you use is owned and controlled by White Jewish People! So the same system that you lash out at is the same one that YOU support! If you want to see a Black movie, Get Your Dollars up and create something and stop complaining! At least George created something! "Rico the Pessimist".

Neytiri said...

Hey Rico! I love you blog and your opinion. This is Amber by the way. Have a great rest of the day!

Jacques said...

Rico Rivers! Good to see you still at it! (I witnessed your antics live and in person GSU) I agree that many were bamboozled by the 'non-funding' marketing strategy. The Story was told in 1995 with leading actor Laurence Fishbourne. That movie was pre-internet (to the masses) and therefore did not get all the social networking hype. But in reading FB posts about who is going out and patronizing this movie, it seems that whites are filling the seats more so than we. After all, it is the beloved George Lucus. Now it will be interesting to see what his next project will be. I'd like to see Shaka Zulu remade despite the ending.!

Anonymous said...

Wow!! I do not believe all this drama over a movie!! I don't give a damn about George lucas and his billionaire status!! He took 20 plus years to make this movie, put money in black folks pockets, and NONE of that is any of my business!! I am going to see this movie to be entertained the same way I went to see John Singleton's movies and Tyler Perry's movies and Spike Lee's movies....etc., and I am NOBODY'S DAMN FOOL and no one is going to criticize me about how I choose to spend MY MONEY!! All this conspiracy theory B.S. is a waste of time and will not change anything!! Stop puttin down black folks for supporting this movie!! George Lucas would still be a billionaire if he never invested a dime in this movie and ain't mad at him because he earned it!! PLEASE!!!!!........

Elehia said...

Well said RICO!! WELL FUCKING SAID!! *standing ovation*

Angela Armand Long said...

Rico! This was a great post! Thought provoking... I'm not sure why some people are so offended by your views. I say start your own blog and post your own thoughts...that's if any one cares to read or follow your thoughts?... Keep it up! #GoGramFam!
Angela Armand Long GSU 1993 Grad

Jail House Ent said...

Well well well, I see the lion has come home to roost, I to am a HBCU grad and we all have talken a walk on the other side of the tracks. I SEE SOME OF US still don't know HOW TO RETRUN HOME TO VISIT. KUDOS FOR THE INSITE OF WHITE AMERICA BRO.
Stay Black, Stay Strong and Stay Proud!!

Rico Rivers said...

Hello beautiful queen. I know exactly who you are. I appreciate you for chiming in. It mean alot.

LOL!! I LOVE IT!! Thank you so much.

Angela Armand-Long:
Who could forget one of GSU's most attractive women with those killer legs? Thank you for your comments. I hope all is well with you. :

Jail House Ent.:
Good looking out brotha. I will always be lion that roars at bullshyt whenever I see it or hear it. Get at me, man when you hit the D this year.

Thank you so much for chiming in. I am pretty sure you meant it in a good way when you use the word "antics" in your comment. One thing I do know for sure is whenever I stood up or spoke out while a student at GSU back in the day, antics were no where to be seen or heard what you and many other saw was passion and love for my people and for what I believe was right. :)

Rico Rivers said...

I appreciate all of the comments so far. For those who have been posting very angry posts about my thoughts, its cool. However, I will not get into a back and forth on this blog. But, I can be invited to your church, organization, club or group for a lengthy conversation about any post on this blogsite.

I prefer not to engage in any angry back and forth banter because I have the right to say whatever it is I want to say about any subject.

Finally, I am not going to waste any of my energy rationalizing and intellectualizing racism/white supremacy on this blog with anyone who is not ready to have that particulart conversation. Again,If you would like to invite me out to have this discourse, hit me up. I will be more than happy to guide you in the process of making it happen.

Continue to enjoy this blog. :)

chrisman said...

Outstanding My Friend ...

chrisman said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
chrisman said...

Outstanding My Friend ...

Helshock said...

I am a HBCU graduate and a fan of Lucas' work. I am amazed at some of the viewpoints here.
The Tuskegee Airmen were pioneers in proving that they could outperform their peers when given the chance as we always know (we have to perform 3-6 times better to get the same recognition. Let not take that away form them. On the same token, for example, i wouldn't knock Dr. Rice's accomplishments just because i don't agree with her philosophy. In fact, she represents everything we were taught being raised up in a conservative, educational, lawful environment.
But history has proven that much of the reasoning we used in the past to gain "equality" has been misguided. We fought for the confederacy. We fought Hitler. We support Israel. - What has it gotten us?
The only real progress we've made is when our power is used intelligently. A bit of King AND a bit of Malcolm, and maybe for once a LOT of Garvey.
Lucas makes great movies. Lets be real, his pockets ain't hurting. Red Tails is something I've wanted to see from a black director i.e. a movie featuring action/scifi the happens to be "black historically" themed. We all know the Tuskegee Airmen story. Its been done. I go to the movies on occasion to be entertained.
I'm not a Perry or Spike fan but ill support their movies. I just don't like feeling like I've me beat down when i walk out of the theater. Give Madea a lightsaber and we'll talk.

Rico Rivers said...

Please allow me to give a shout to the HBCU graduates who have been Chiming in on the blogsite. If if we have disagreed. You are still apart of me.

I LOVE ME SOME HBCUs and HBCU graduates!! GS, GS, GS, U U U..I thought you knew.....!!

Keep the comments coming. :)

Rico Rivers said...

Hello Helshock.
Thank you for chiming in. I am a fan of Starwars and Indiana Jones movies.

Here is my question to you though. Why did a people (Afrikans in America) feel the need to prove another people (who are the caves) that they can do anything as good as they can do it?

Also, do you believe in 2012, We the originators of the planet, are still trying to prove to a genetically inferior people that we are worthy of their validation?

If so, why you do you think so?

Anonymous said...

The more I continue to read this blog...the more I realize that you are a jive ass nigga. You are the cancer that keeps many "black folks" ill. Short cuts to freedom. Nikka the only slaves in 2012 are self enslaved. How about you talk about getting out of financial bondage or emotional bondage. Or setting the sins that so easily enslaves us. You talking that black/ white BS in 2012. I went to Tuskegee and I'm a little offended that you are shitting on their legacy. Many of those soldiers were drafted like my father was drafted and his brothers my uncles. Neither was trying to "prove to the massa" that he was a fit citizen to be seen equally. Hog wash. At the end of the day they were just trying to get home alive like any other soldier. And yes they were black. Just stop dude. stop blogging..stop writing...just stop . You are exposing your self.
Signed Dr. Carlos M. Conway

Helshock said...

Personally i don't think we we have to prove to another race that we are equal, especially in 2012. Like i said, we need to revisit Garvey's perspective to establish our our own societal image.
Since I'm not of the Tuskegee era, i cant speculate that the same cold be said of that era, where they couldn't even walk the street. Their options were not the same as ours. Those guys (as well as many of our parents and grandparents) made the most of their situation to make sure that WE didn't have to hold that same mentality and tho let us KNOW that the are superior form the jump.
On the other hand, if you are working in the same job market, current norms say you have to be 3 times better than your white counterpart for the same recognition. This shouldn't be the case, but it is.
Also, I agree, the George Lucas' "hardship" story is a great and successful advertising campaign.

melakutheawakened said...

EXCELLENT Post, The truth of your words resonate TO ANY ONE WHO CONSIDERS HIMSELF A CRITICAL THINKER. I am sorry but the Housenigger mentality is very evident in America. Look at the posts against this article. I myself wonder why we black people join the military TODAY. The jews didn't join the Nazi army so why do black americans fall over eachother to join racist oppressors. The only conspiracy I see IS OF SELF DELUDED/PSYCHOLOGICALLY PROGRAMMED House negros who think Obama is black. HE AINT, he is THE ILLUSION OF EQUALITY, why can't HE BE 100% Black and get elected, why must he say things like "black people stop complaining","it aint THAT bad". WE Black Americans have had a Foot on OUR necks so long, THAT SOME OF US THINK IT IS PROGRESS WHEN OUR RACIST OPPRESORS MOVE THE FOOT FROM OUR NECKS TO OUR BACKS. WE ARE NOT TREATED EQUALLY, we are treated more "equally" WHEN WE PLAY THE HOUSE "SHINE" NIGGER ROLE. Keep writing Brother, one day WE ALL WILL BE EQUAL. I for one LOVE YOUR MIND AND COMMEND YOUR QUEST FOR TRUTH AND REAL EQUALITY! BLESS YOU!

Rico Rivers said...

Good morning, Melakutheawakened.
Thank you so much for being one of he awakened ones. Your words also rang very true. You are so correct. Those who appear to be so mad at me and not at what I am writing about, really should research what it means to be educated and what it means to be trained. So far, those who claim to be educated have been giving angry "trained" responses on here.

roylee58 said...

Very true words Rico. However , there is purpose in everything no matter how significant,or insignificant.The true endangerment is the lack of African- Americans actively researching in truth the history of their ancestors to allow them to recognize the traps they fall into on a regular basis in this present day. Because we do not move as a collective, plan as a collective, strategize as a collective we lay waiting for the hunters to come and pick us off one-by-one, or in mobilized clusters( The suburb clusters, and the inner-city clusters). The fact is we volunteer to be driven to the slaughter house for the sake of receiving a higher pedestal to be placed on for the sake of receiving the declared amount of amenities that come with that pedestal. We can't blame the fisherman for casting his hook into the ocean, but we do have to question the fish that run to the hook over, and over after seeing their fellow sea dwellers extracted in such a violent manner and never returning. The airmen wanted to believe that they were creating a better avenue for the next generation, and hoping to be better treated in their time. I have to believe they knew that their situation wasn't going to improve in their time by a large increment , but what might have deterred them was to get a glimpse of the future to watch how their children, and grandchildren have crapped on their efforts, and foolishly given back gains that were made.If we are thinking about our future generations by the way we keep dissing one another, and failing to unite as effectively as we should; could it be that we are wishing for them to return to the plantation? If we are not; then we are doing a pretty bad job of keeping that from happening.

Rico Rivers said...

Hello, Roylee:

Thanks for checking in. You are correct. There is alot of danger in not checking one's own history. I write the way I write because of the reality of so many of us not researching our history.

Anonymous said...

I saw this film and enjoyed it. That being said, I respect your right to hold the opinion you do. However, I think that we, black intelligentsia, continue to dissect and criticize things happening within our culture without presenting any viable solutions. Further, things are never as black and white, excuse the pun, as we want to make them. Whites and Jews have contributed to our cause and they have hindered it. It is such that things have to be addressed on a case by case basis, not in generalizations. Honestly, I'm not sure what the cure for our ills is, but I know that seeing or not seeing this film will do little to advance us. As far as the airmen, they did what they did in a time period we can't fully appreciate because we never had the same experiences guiding us. I view them as heroes. I know it's easy to postulate how you might resist your slave master and rebel. How you would suffer death before slavery or even the loss of an appendage trying to escape, but honestly you'd be saying that from a safe distance of more than 100 years. Let us try to judge their actions within context. Lastly, I am a black man and I have loved black people all my life. I have put myself out there for black causes. Still, I have dated women from all around the world. I have had African women, West Indian, Latina, Asian, white, Jewish and down home black. I love women and it doesn't matter what race or ethnicity they are. The truth is love is found only where it exists and no where else. Whatever offspring will result will be black. In fact, it's probably the most effective way to erase racism. That is to eliminate race. So go knock up a white chick today and do your part to advance our people. Lol.

Sofian Afrika, GSU '93

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