Sunday, January 29, 2012

Recent poll states: "Many Black women prefer religion over romance."

Black women, I love you! But you say some of the silliest things sometimes.

As a safe, secure, sane, and competent Black man, I want to say that I love black people so much. I really love black women. I love Black women so much, that I hope to someday meet a Black woman who would accept me as an intelligent, articulate, college educated black man who does not have any tattoos, has never had any children out of wedlock, nor has ever been involved in a domestic violence situation. Moreover, I would love be accepted by a black woman who does not mind me being proud of being black and one does not have a religion or one who does not attend nor belong to anyone’s church.

Well, according a recent poll conducted by the “Washington Post” with 2000 Black women surveyed and 800 of them interviewed, the Black women polled stated that they preferred religion over romance. Many of us would assume that this could mean that, according the poll, Black women would rather cuddle up with an idea/philosophy or the memory of a supposed dead man (that most would refer to as Jesus Christ) than be with a real, alive Black man. Hey, I just read the poll.

Last year, blogger and authoress, Deborrah Cooper, wrote the explosive article, “How the Black Church Keeps African American Women Single and Lonely,” peoples’ opinions varied all over the place. However, quite a few readers felt that this was not true or way too over the top. Well, according to this latest poll in the Washington Post, Ms. Cooper not only touched a nerve. It sounded like she hit the nail right on the head. LOL! Look, Sistas. We have got to get past this damn religion. It has killed us a community/race for too long. What is it so deep about a shallow philosophy like Christianity that keeps so many of you from even using your intelligent minds when it comes to love and finding the right man for you? Back in the day, Church and religion had its place. A woman used to be able to run across a man in church who believed the same way she did when it came to religion. Now, most or more than the majority of Black men are not in the church, therefore not a part of any religion. That should tell you something.

I find it alarming that so many Black have stated that they would rather be love with a mythical dead man and dead philosophy than stand up and face the reality of going out in the real world getting the man of your dreams by becoming the woman in his reality. Loving this Jesus figure is fine, I guess. However, when you can’t separate fantasy from reality, you only hurt yourself. Saying that you would rather have a flawed religion than a nice healthy romance with a nice healthy man is not even a statement that a person who is presumed to be intelligent would make.

I am led to believe that the black women who answered this way in the poll are probably tired and frustrated by their inability to obtain that healthy, wholesome romance with a real person. Pretty much like the women who would rather get fake and unnatural sexual pleasure from a battery operated dildo, than from a real man with a real penis that is operated by the motion of strong and repetitious hip thrusts. There is no greater love than between a real man and a real woman. Ladies, Religion can’t keep a burglar away. Religion can keep you warm at night in the winter. Religion can’t look at you at tell you just how beautiful you are in the morning. Religion can’t bring you beautiful flowers when you get home from work ‘just because.’ Religion can’t tell you that your cooking was excellent last night. Religion can’t do a lot of the wonderful real things that a real man can do. Most importantly, a religion never has and never will get you to a heaven after you die.

As a man, I would never choose the fake over the real. Romance is not dead. It is just sitting there suspended in time and space, waiting for this generation of potential lovers to pick up where our elders left off so long ago. Sadly, many of us are just scared. We are scared of putting ourselves “out there” and possibly getting rejected. Hey, if you never go through being rejected, how would you find the one that is right for you? Using religion as a safe alternative to being rejected is a cop out. Fellas, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and you already know what that is all about. Now that so many Black women have made their preference for religion over romance publicly known, it looks like this year for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and her birthday, her gifts should include, a picture of the blonde, blue-eyed Jesus, a Bible (Kings James version), and a MLK church hand fan. LOL!!

Washington post article


UUNIK Talk said...

LMAO!!!! Man, Man, Man....Rico, u r steppin into the FUNK!! I wanna see who is gonna to respond to this......Cause you are messing wit my JESUS!! lol

AReneeJoseph said...

Oh so true....its like women have confused romance with lust...becsause many of us want wholesome relationships....we forget about the courting period....we think were going to meet this God fearing man, but it don't work like that....u have to give romance in order to get it...and the fake penis...I would rather use my hand...excuse me if I say....there ain't nothing like the real thing church...and the blue eyed Jesus....I belong to the church I was baptized in....have not been there in over 10 years...the church I do visit I have no plans on Jesus looks like me...and that's my problem with religion....its one of the biggest falsehoods of mankind....religion is a division.