Friday, July 12, 2013


An open letter to all Urban-Rap/ Hip-Hop Dee-Jays and Radio Stations with a rap format/playlist.
To All Just Mentioned:

I have listened to particular rap songs that are in constant rotation at your radio station (s) for a while now and I would like to make a rap music request if I may. Your current rap music rotation has become very stale over the years. Since we are now living in the days where “equality for all” has been placed at the top of everyone’s political, sexual, and racial agenda, I think my request should be a simple one to take into consideration. I am always hearing rap songs that contain violence aimed at African-Americans and racial slurs like Nigger/Nigga being spewed all over your airwaves morning, noon, and night in the city where I currently reside. My song request is simple. My song request is all about equality and/or equal treatment for all racial and ethnic groups in this country.

Would you mind playing rap songs and/or RnB songs that contain guest appearances by rappers on them that violently attack Jews, Whites, Hispanics/Latinos, Native Americans, Asians, Italians, and Homosexuals? I am kind of burned out on Nigger this and Nigga that. I would love to hear something new like, “Faggot this or Faggot that. How about “Kyke this or Kyke that? Maybe a song or two that promotes selling drugs to Crackers and/or Devils or shooting and robbing Chinks and Slant-eyed Gooks. How about a song that spews hateful and racist words like, Spik, Wet-Back and W.O.P.?

I am pretty sure that you have songs like this lying around somewhere at the studio station. You just have to because it is the equal and fair thing to do, right? Maybe the first place you can look is under the pile of music CDs with a note attached it that reads, “Songs that should never be played for fear of offending and degrading any racial and ethnic group that’s not African-American.” I just know that you and/or your rap station are not about being biased in your playlist. I just know that you and/or your rap station (s) are incapable of promoting inequality on any level. I guess what I am trying to say is that I would like to hear more diversity in your playlist. I would like to hear more a variety of racial/ethnic attacks being played at the rap station. You seem to be very comfortable with playing songs or at least allowing rap songs to be played at the station (s) that contain lyrics that violently attack Black people and refer to them by racial slurs. You also appear to be very open to playing rap songs that use derogatory and demeaning adjectives to describe the female gender in that particular race.

I will be listening for my song request on the air.

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