Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Trayvon Martin Trial Ends in a "Not Guilty" verdict. And???

Last night, after I heard about George Zimmerman being found not guilty by a jury of his white and Hispanic peers, I just took a seat in my living room and turned on the television hoping to find an episode of Family Guy. You see. I was not shocked nor was I surprised by the verdict. However, I will admit to feeling just a little stupid and even upset at myself for what I term as behaving insanely. In the field of drug addiction, the word insane means to do the same stupid thing over and over again with the expectation of a different outcome or result. I say that I behaved insanely because I know better than to believe that this American justice system would somehow not show her wicked ass in this trial. My insanity became clear when I allowed myself to actually feel a little sense of hope concerning this trial. When the verdict came in, I felt stupid. Never again. Never again will I allow myself to think that America actually gives a damn about Black people and especially Black males. So, after I could not find a Family Guy on television, I logged on to Facebook to read some of the responses that were flooding the site.

I read where people were, “deeply saddened,” “heartbroken,” “outraged,” and even elated that the trial was over and that the verdict was in because the trial had gotten on their nerves and people’s reactions to the trial had gotten on their nerves. So, I decided to wait until the bulk of the emotional outbursts were coming closer to an end before posting my thoughts. I found myself chuckling at the posts where the writer shares how they had to explain their anger to their white friends. Really? So, are saying that your white friends are only your friends when you both pretend that racism is not real in America? Wow, I wonder if the Black folks who are married to whites and other ethnicities other than Black, had to explain their anger or aroused emotions over this trial and the murder of the Black child to their spouses. LOL! Amazing! I am proud to say that I don’t ever have to explain my anger to anybody white or otherwise because I decided a long time ago never to drink of the interracial or multicultural kool-aid. Then again, to each his own.  I don’t have any white friends. What in the hell could we possibly have in common? I mean seriously? What? However, I do have white and Hispanic co-workers. We are very cool and professional at work. Period. You know what? I have had to ask myself that same question about a lot of black folks today.

Anyway, the Trayvon Martin murder and the Trayvon Martin murder trial should be the wake-up call to Black America, but I don’t think so. We are too deep in denial about racism. Too many of us are too deeply rooted into religion and in our own individuality. We have long sense lost any sense of the collectiveness that got us through JIM CROW (systematic discrimination) and the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950's and 1960's. We traded US in for a suburban living, white acceptance, the attitude of elitism, materialism, and we can’t seem to dig ourselves out of the depths of the disease called “Illusion of Inclusion.” As a result, our children are being slaughtered systematically. Many of us have even bought into this sick notion of blaming Black people for white racism. Really? One Black blogger on Facebook even suggested that Trayvon was killed because of other Black males sagging their pants. I kid you not! He says that because they were stereotyped, he was looked at as if he was one of them. I have been reading where so Blacks are going from being upset at the injustice of the murder and the verdict rendered to turning inward on each other or better yet, the Black community as a whole. I mean, there are Black people on Facebook literally blaming the black community for being preyed upon in this country. Here is the kicker. Since the beginning of the trial, little hints and statements about a riot possibly breaking out were tossed about should the jury not return a guilty verdict. Ok. The verdict is out. There is no riot. There isn't going to be any riotiing in the the streets. There is not going to be a  riot because we have Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram now as places to go to vent our frustrations with this unjust system. There was also talk of a race war if the verdict came back not guilty. Look. Black people are too divided to be in a race war with whites. Hell, we would have to kill a lot of each other before we even got a chance to kill a white person. Finally, Blacks will lose in a race war with whites in this country because we don’t own a military or a god-damn missile. All we seem to own are car notes, Gucci purses/belts, and a damn Bible.

In closing, this part is for all of the geniuses (double agents) on the internet who have been conveniently popping up and Blogs where Blacks have been expressing their anger and disgust over the verdict. I find it very interesting that whenever there is talk of some type of retaliation or even real emotions being expressed about how fucked up America behaves towards Blacks in this country some white person or “educated Negro” pops up on the post with this bullshit about all of us being human beings and racism existing in all races. As of yesterday, these mutha-fuckas have become experts on the law and have been trying to re-define racism. Now all of sudden the murder of Trayvon Martin and the trial are not about race, but about what the prosecution could not prove in court during the trial. All of a sudden Blacks are now being told to look at this blatant racially laced situation as a systematic boo-boo. Man, GTFOH with that bullshit!

As one who has done the research on racism and white supremacy, I know exactly what the hell racism/white supremacy is, how it works, and its agenda. I don’t need a purposefully watered down version from any double agent of this system. I am able to remain focused because I don’t have church or a religion fucking my brain up with a lot of bullshit that continues to keep Blacks systematically and mentally enslaved in this country and around the world. I thank God (The Creator) every day for leading me out of the church and religion and pointing me towards the library at age 13. If anyone of you bastards comes on my post with that shit, you are going to get cussed the fucked out and fucking deleted off my post and if you are a part of my friends list, deleted off of there too.

I can’t finished this article without leaving you with at least four books that will begin the process of us loving us again, therefore protecting ourselves and our children from attacks from people who look like us as well as those who don’t look like us. As a matter of fact, I would like to challenge you to utilize these sure fire suggestions that will help create the unity that our people so desperate need if we are going to continue to try to live peacefully in this reality not just with other races (particularly-white folks) but also with each other. The first thing that has to be done is the withdrawal membership from all churches and religions. Next, get rid of that damn Bible! Next, denounce and withdraw from all social organization (frats, sororities, lodges, etc.) All of these groups and beliefs segregate the black community. Next, any moneys given to these groups and institutions should now be given directly to non-profits that support HBCUs and the revitalization efforts of poor and urban communities where Blacks live. Also, send your children to Black colleges! There are more things that can be done, but I think this will do for now. In the mean-time, here are the four book suggestions that I mentioned earlier. You are more than welcomed to read others, but please start with these four first.

Mis-Education of the Negro – Dr. Carter G. Woodson

Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome- Dr. Joy Leary

Black Labor/White Wealth- Dr. Claud Anderson

They came before Columbus – Dr. Ivan Van Sertima










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