Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Trayvon Martin Trial Ends in a "Not Guilty" verdict. And??? PART TWO

There were quite a few points that I felt needed to be shared in Part I of this topic, but failed to mention them. However, in this second part of my thoughts concerning the Trayvon Martin murder and trial, I will cleanse my mind of every thought (up to this point) that I have as it relates to the trial and the “not guilty” verdict. I ended the last article with suggestions of how we can begin the process of getting to the people that we (Black people) need to become or even return to in order to continue to live and survive in this current reality. In the last article I alluded to a certain group of people who I identified as being double agents for white supremacy. These people are for real. On the plantation during slavery, when a revolt was being planned by disgruntled slaves, Sambo would sit in on the secret meetings only to run back and tell the plantation owner what was being said in the back slave quarters. Next, there was the plantation bred preacher (the origin of the American Black preacher) who was used to teach other slaves about what the plantation owner referred to as a heaven after death. The plantation bred preacher was a trusted slave. He preached sermons under the thumb of the plantation owner about how ole massa was not so bad and how ole massa did not know what he was doing as he went about his day being cruel and merciless to the enslaved Afrikans. The enslaved Afrikans were trained to pray for ole massa and his evil ways instead of killing that son-of-a bitch and leaving that plantation. The plantation preacher’s job was to indoctrinate the slaves into accepting mal-treatment as a way of living like Jesus with hopes of dying like Jesus and going on to a heaven beyond the clouds.

The Negro preacher, since the days of slavery, is always given marching orders by the racist system to soothe and drown out any anger feelings or any plans of rebellion against the unfair and unjust system. For his valiant deed, the Negro preacher is rewarded financially by way of 501 (c) 3 non-profit status attached to their churches, which has included millions of dollars of interest free loans to build even bigger churches to indoctrinate more un-knowing Black people. The Negro preacher is now joined by legions of other people who feel authorized to soothe and destroy the fight in African Americans today. These people come in the form of some of your “friends” (so-called liberal whites) and so-called educated Negroes with good jobs that live in the suburbs, who actually believe that racism is not a big deal these days. The nerve of these folks is astounding. They want to say that this situation is not a racial issue. These same people want to insult the Black community by stating “Well, the case was lost not because of race, but because the prosecution failed to prove its case in court.” First of all, Black people are not stupid. Many watched the case from the beginning to the end. The prosecution did not prosecute the case as if they wanted to win. They prosecuted the case to shut some people up. Hell, I could have prosecuted that case and won! Many (across racial lines) also witnessed that this case was a farce from the beginning.
I want to know this. Why in the hell wasn’t there a Black person on the prosecution team? It was Johnnie Cochran who brought the heat in the O.J. Simpson trial, which ultimately got O.J. a verdict of “not guilty.” Where was the Johnnie Cochran for the prosecution? Why wasn’t there a Black presence on that prosecution team? I am of the belief that the prosecution and the defense team were both against the Martin family. I believe that the Martin family along with so many Black people tried so hard not be seen as “racial” that they allowed this all-white prosecution team to take advantage of for fear of being labeled race baiters. As a result of not being true to themselves and calling a spade a spade, the Martin family ultimately gave that trial away. Also, these agents of white supremacy, which includes these educated Negroes who feel the need to point out that this trial is not about race because George Zimmerman is Hispanic and not White.
Well smart-asses, let me educate you all on some things. George Zimmerman is what Mexicans call a coconut (Brown on the outside, but White on the inside, meaning in their brains). This is very similar to what the Black community refers to as Oreos. Oreo African-Americans are Black on the outside, but very white on the inside. George Zimmerman, who is of mixed racial background, lived and thought as a privileged white man. His father (a Jew-ish White man) was a judge/magistrate and his mother (a Hispanic) both reportedly has connections to the courts in Sanford, Florida as well. His negative and hateful attitude about Blacks and according to the 911 operator call, Black males, is shaped by his belief in him being a privileged Whiteman and not a Mexican/Hispanic. He is to Blacks what America is to Blacks. So, in his Americanized mind he was indeed stopping a Nigger who he believed had no business in a neighborhood where good and decent white folks live.
So, what do we do now as a community? Do we continue to cuss and fuss on Twitter and Facebook? Do we organize and make a plan to protect the lives of other Black children from white vigilantes? Will we finally put together a plan to stop the violence where we live? Do we organize in our local communities to put in place political leadership that will not sell us out? Do we put together a plan to start calling out the racial sell-outs in the community? Will we finally take a page from the playbook of survival and protection of a one’s people from Jews, Hispanics, Homosexuals, Asians, and other groups who don’t allow their children to be attacked at will because of their race and sexual orientation? Now is a good time to jump on these plans. I believe that God (The Creator) has sent the Black race/community far too many warners and has sacrificed too many good people over the years in an effort to get the message through our thick heads that WE need to do for self. Nobody is coming from any clouds to save Black people. God is certainly not coming and a Jesus figure is certainly not coming back from beyond any grave to rescue any damn body.
Speaking of rescuing a group of people, my friend and fellow Grambling alum, Janet Parker, put this on my mind.  Aren’t you all tired if whites always coming to our rescue as if God never gave us a brain to do for ourselves?  I mean, damn throughout history somebody white has had to hold our hands and rescue us from this hateful system! I know this sounds crazy to be rescued by the very people who created this hell on earth for Blacks because of the color of our skin and our genetic make-up. Whites held our hands in getting off the plantation (that they created and benefitted from) and assisted Harriet Tubman in hiding escaped slaves on their way through the Underground Railroad as they made their way to freedom in the north. Whites held our hands during the civil rights movement as we fought for rights under the very system they benefitted from because they were white. White law-school student students currently spend hours researching the unlawful convictions of Black men and eventually get them released after finding out that these Black men were wrongfully convicted. Why are white people still doing for us what we should be doing for ourselves? Why are whites still rescuing blacks in 2013? That damn trial was supposed to have had some Blacks on the jury and on the damn prosecution team!
Look. We have plenty of money (1 trillion dollars spent annually). We have access to all types of educational tools and educational institutions in this country. I wish we accessed Black colleges more, but that is another article. The one thing that we lack is unity. WE need to unify. We need to educate ourselves about who we are and accept it. WE are a people from a strong nation of people. We need to teach our children about the reality of white racism not only in America, but all over the world. Finally, please stop fooling yourself that prayer answers all things. This is not true. Action, money, and a little prayer answer all things in this reality.

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